Will Thomas Reed chats with us right as his new single just released

We are happy to say we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with new comer to country music Will Thomas Reed. Reed, a former rocker is no stranger to the stage and not holding anything back as he kicks up his dust in Nashville on the country scene. Reed just released his single “Home Is Where The Bar Is” which is taking off greatly for him. This guy sings, plays guitar and writes! Finally Nashville gets a true artist. Check out the music video at the end of the interview and enjoy!

Ryan: How was the transition from rock to country? 

Will Thomas Reed: I never really noticed the transition from rock into country until my producer pointed it out to me. I’ve always written songs from a story tellers perspective quite like most of my influences, and so the only big difference was using a few different instruments on the recordings. Throw in a banjo and a pedal steel and suddenly my rock tunes were now country.


Ryan: With your new single “Home Is Where The Bar Is” it begs the question; what are your favorite things about bars? (Ex: lighting, food, sound, atmosphere, people, drink selection)

Will Thomas Reed: What I love about bars is that for the most part, that’s where people go to unwind and be more themselves. Let off some steam from a bad day or drown some sorrow from a sudden break-up or celebrate the big promotion they just got at their job. It’s where people come together to be one for a few drinks. So, atmosphere 100%. 


Ryan: What is our favorite era of country music?

Will Thomas Reed: My favorite era of country music would have to be the 70’s. That’s when some of my favorites were really in their prime: George Jones, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings. But I will always have a soft spot for the 90’s country seeing how I actually grew up in that era.


Ryan: What is your go-to food on the road?

Will Thomas Reed: Favorite food on the road is local greasy spoon diner. Wherever the locals go to get their grub. I usually ask someone who’s from that town that I’m playing a show in.  I like to support the local businesses as often as I can. But I LOVE me some Asian Cuisine.


Ryan: Country artist are of all forms and likes. What kind of country are you?

Will Thomas Reed: I’m your Classic Country with the new twist on it. I grew up listening to Tom Petty and George Jones and always found myself somewhere in between.


Ryan: It’s almost 20 years ago but does she still think my tractors sexy? Or in this case yours 

Will Thomas Reed: I hope she still thinks my tractors sexy. What else is there!? haha


Ryan: What was the last movie you watched?

Will Thomas Reed: The last movie I watched was The Princess Bride, one of my all time favorites! 


Ryan: Who would win in a fight The Rock or Jackie Chan?

Will Thomas Reed: Jackie Chan would absolutely win in a fight between him and the Rock. Though I’m sure Jackie is slowing down a bit these days, knowledge beats power…or knowledge is power or one of those school house rock quotes!


Ryan: A current Country music superstar calls you up and asks you to go on the road with them, who would it hope is on the other end? 

Will Thomas Reed: There’s so many artists that I hope I get the pleasure to be out on the road with, but if I had to pick one right now I’d say Willie Nelson. He’s one of the only original Greats left. and I’d love to smoke a joint with that guy!


We want to thank Will Thomas Reed for taking his time to chat with us and get to know him and his music better. Check out his website for more information, tour info and up to date news here!



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