“No More Love Songs” New Single/Music Video By OTTAWA

An emotional roller coaster is the best way to describe the music video for Ottawa’s new single “No More Love Songs“. The couple breaks up then runs into each other and the pain is still there and they cant seem to connect. Ending as one might think the title would indicate the song and video are pristine works and Ottawa is scratching the surface at something innovative. Check out the music video below and let us know your thoughts!

“I got to really thinking about what my dating life has been and how things are in this generation with the dating apps and things like that for people in their 20s and early 30s now,” explains Dale, on the concept and writing of the song. “My wheels were turning about it for awhile then sometime last summer I was driving and I just sang the chorus. Some of it might come across as cheesy, but it just felt really good off the tongue. So I brought it to the guys and we did our thing and Will (Hooper, guitarist) came up with an awesome riff and we built the song out of it. I think we all sensed there was something super special about it and something kind of immediate.”



More Manchester than Midwest, Ottawa creates ambitious Indie Rock that’s equal parts steel-town grit and new wave gloss. Their energetic performances and captivating hooks have helped them generate a buzz far beyond their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

After writing and recording for the past twelve months, the band is taking their passion to an elevated level as they set out to promote the releases this summer.
Dale DeLong- Lead Vox
Tim Czajka- Guitar
Jeremy Barnes- Bass
Will Hooper- Guitars & Backup Vocals

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