Let’s Talk Ice Cream and Music with Ryan Bicknell of Another Day’s Armor

Since July is National Ice Cream month Music Matters Magazine thought what better way to find out unknown facts about Rocker Ryan Bicknell rhythm guitarist for Another Day’s Armor than to discover your favorite ice cream treats and talk a little about what is going on in your world of music.

Question:What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ryan: Vanilla or Mint Chip. That’s ones a toss up


Q: Do you prefer it in a bowl, cone, and waffle?

Ryan: Bowl. 


Q:How many scoops make up the perfect ice cream treat?

Ryan: I’m not a huge dessert guy so I’m going to say just one big fat scoop. Enough to enjoy the taste but not feel like a fat ass later.


Q: Fruit or candy toppings? And what kinds?

Ryan: Oreos and Reese cup. Who in the hell puts fruit on ice cream. You can’t trust those people. lol


Q: Is ice cream a year-round thing or only summer time when it’s warm?

Ryan: Year-round man. 



Q:Favorite ice cream shop?

Ryan:Cold Stone Creamery. Dairy Queen is a close second though



Q: Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream? (Blue Bell, Eddy’s, Häagen-Dazs, etc.)

Ryan: I honestly don’t really get ice cream at the grocery store. But I’ve had Ben N Jerry’s before and Chunky Monkey is pretty dope. lol



Q: Is frozen yogurt just as good as ice cream?

Ryan: I’m going to say yes but I’m sure many people would disagree with me but fuck them they aren’t doing this interview. lol



Q: Talk a bit about the song/music video “Death Investing” interesting title. 

Ryan: We basically wanted to write a darker song musically and usually, if the instrumentals are dark the lyrics will follow suit. So lyrically it’s just about people who think they can get over on you and get away with whatever they want. So “Death Investing” you’re behavior is basically just investing in your demise. (No Logan isn’t a murderer, it’s a metaphor haha)
Q: Who did you work with on mixing, engineering and producing?
Ryan: Shaun and Dylan Werle at Three Birds Studio
Q: How about the imagery and filming of the video?
Ryan: Again we just wanted to match the darker vibe so we went black and red for band shots and hung a sole spotlight above for individual shots.

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