Let’s Talk Ice Cream and Music with Becky Brown

Since July is National Ice Cream Month Music Matters Magazine thought what better way to find out unknown facts about author Becky Brown than to discover her favorite ice cream treats and talk a little about her new book, Going Our Way (my life with Opry Star/ CMHF member Jim Ed Brown).


Ryan: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Becky: Chocolate


Ryan: Do you prefer it in a bowl, cone, and waffle?

Becky: bowl


Ryan: How many scoops make up the perfect ice cream treat?

Becky: 2 scoops


Ryan: Fruit or candy toppings? And what kinds?

Becky: Butterfingers crumbles


Ryan: Is ice cream a year-round thing or only summer time when it’s warm?

Becky: I like it year-round.


Ryan: Favorite ice cream shop?

Becky: I don’t have one.


Ryan: Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream? (Blue Bell, Eddy’s, Häagen-Dazs, ect.)

Becky: I like Blue Bell.


Ryan: Is frozen yogurt just as good as ice cream?

Becky: Yes, it is.


Ryan: Can you describe a typical date with Jim Ed Brown when you first started dating?

Becky: I enjoyed going dancing at his club in Pine Bluff, Ark. called The Trio Club. He was an excellent dancer.


Ryan: What is your favorite Jim Ed song and why?

Becky: “You’re the Part of Me,” he recorded this song especially for me.


Ryan: Your passions were modeling, dancing, painting, and church. Which did/do you feel you enjoy the most?

Becky: My true passion was dance, but church was an important part of my life.


Ryan: How does it feel being able to share your story with the world in your book “Going Our Way”?

Becky: It gives me a sense of accomplishment, sharing my life with the love of my life.


Ryan: For fans who have not read your book yet, what can they expect? And what do you want them to get out of it?

Becky: I want fans to know our truth, our good times far outweighed the not so good. I want fans to know the lessons we learned in forgiveness. Even when times were tough, God saw us through with his love and amazing grace

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