Zach Williams LIVE in Concert Exclusive Photo Gallery & Review!

One of the biggest names in Christian music today, Zach WIlliams took to the main stage at the Kentucky State Fair Monday, August 23rd. Opening for Zach was “Breakout Single of the Year” award winning trio Cain. Cain brought the crowd to life, setting up what fans anticipated as an incredible night of music and worship. Zach made his way to center stage through the red tented fog that encapsulated the stage setting the mood for his set. Kicking off the show he performed “Empty Grave” which certainly got the full capacity crowd energized.

Zach Williams LIVE at the Kentucky State Fair 2021

Zach performed ALL of his amazing hits as fans alike sung along chorus by chorus. “Less Like Me”, “Old Church Choir”, he took a moment to tell the testimony of his journey and how Jesus met him right where he was and brought him back out of the darkness and into the light before leading into the awe moving “Rescue Story”. Fans stood all night, the heat had no affect on the mass of fans who were just rejoicing the chance to attend a concert again, to attend a show where they can give praise to our creator.

Zach brought Taylor Cain (vocalist/guitarist/keys for CAIN) back on stage to perform the smash hit “There Was Jesus” that was recorded by Zach and Dolly Parton. Fans cried out in joy as Taylor made her way on to stage as the song began with hands in the air singing along.

Along with all his original music, Zach squeezed in a thunderous cover of “Dry Bones Rattling” by Elevation Worship that gave a respectful nod to the band. My personal favorite song of the night was “Fear Is A Liar”. The song is written in a way that is purely beautiful. Performed live, Zach’s powerful vocals and heart and soul poured out brings each lyric to life brought God’s peace and calmness over me.

If you get an opportunity don’t miss the chance to spend a night celebrating some great music, and giving praise and worship to the only perfect one! Go to for all tour information and news!

Photos and review by: Ryan K, Pike of Music Matters Magazine

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