Night Club: Album Review

If the first single/music video “Candy Coated Suicide” holds any promise to what is to come alone in video works from Night Club’s soon to be released album ‘Scary World’ we all have just been licked delightfully!

Night Clubs music is a bondage dark ride through a voyeurs lens. They trip, slip, and split the human music brain into a delicious wanton need to decide. Decide what? That is up to the listener and how far they want to take the lyrics and interpret them. Currently, out on tour in Europe, Night Club has the dark goth fans  filled with angst in their pants for the album sounds of ‘Scary World.’ The album has created an electropop zombiesynth lust that will not be curbed. As a whole you want… no MUST purchase every track. What has been created from beginning to end is sensational in Scary World.’ Los Angeles electro/dark-goth scene has to be proud of what Night Club has conceived. This is the finest Rave to be dished out ever so sweetly.

As Night Club continues to tour world-wide you are not going to want to miss seeing them, and you certainly are going to want to purchase their latest works called, ‘Scary World,’ on 8/24/18 through their website.
Album Review by: Loren Loft

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