The Fixx at Boathouse Live in Newport News, Virginia August 16, 2018

Article and Photos by Glenn Woodell

The 80’s British rock band, The Fixx, has been a favorite of American audiences for decades. This time around, they were at Boathouse Live in Newport News, with local acoustic rock talent, Brandon Bower, getting things kicked off.

For some of the younger crowd, if their name doesn’t ring a bell, then songs like One Thing Leads to Another, Red Skies, or Saved by Zero certainly will. Look them up and you will be tapping your foot and moving to the music like so many in the crowd were.

The energetic vocals of Cy Curnin drove the audience for the entire show which was filled with fans, most of which were singing along with all the older songs. This tour had them playing off their Reach the Beach album which came out in 1983.

While many older bands are showing their ages, The Fixx always manages to perform with a sense of class and style. Shorter hair (for the most part), coordinated outfits, and professional demeanor, all come together to make The Fixx a favorite for older fans as well as those hearing them for the first time.


  1. Outside
  2. Priviledge
  3. Liner
  4. Changing
  5. Reach the Beach
  6. Opinions
  7. Saved by Zero
  8. Running
  9. The Sign of Fire
  10. One Thing Leads to Another
  11. Stand or Fall
  12. Less Cities, More Moving People
  13. Are We Ourselves?
  14. Chase the Fire
  15. Driven Out
  16. Something Ahead of You
  17. Shaman
  18. Built for the Future
  19. Red Skies
  20. Deeper and Deeper
  21. Secret Separation?

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