Vanilla Ice Takes Over Akron Ohio! Exclusive Photos and Review INSIDE

If you were anywhere near downtown Akron,(OH) Saturday night you were probably no doubt caught up in the house party like atmosphere that was taking place at the InfoCision Stadium. Vanillia Ice and his friends were in town for the “I Love The 90s” Tour.
Once inside it was like stepping back in time, where fans were given the opportunity to live out the soundtrack to their lives. Many dressed the part wearing many fashionable trends from the 90’s including the one strapped bibbed overalls. Unfortunately due to miss communication with venue staff I missed some of the tours openers. Coolio and Rob Base were performing as I was walking around the outside of the venue and my excitement only grew as I could hear the crowds cheering when Coolio was on stage performing his smash hit “Gansta’s Paradise” taking most of the crowd who was straggly in with me looked to be in their 40’s back to 1995 instantly, it just showed on their faces.
By the time I did make it in the venue, Naughty By Nature had just taken the stage and
was just getting into the grove of pumping out the hits, with a career spanning twenty years the legendary rap group had bevy of hits to choose from and Treach proved he could still make the ladies swoon, when he took his shirt  off, not quite the six pack from back in the day, but there were still some screams of approval. Naughty by Nature was able to have  everyone’s attention when they sung their hits like “O.P.P.” and “Hip Hop Hooray”. Before I knew it they were being ushered off the stage but for a good reason because up next was Grammy Winners Salt-N-Pepa.
The ladies of hip-hop turned up the volume of the night along with their dancers with a tantalizing dance routine. DJ Spinderella was on the turntables, so fans didn’t have a chance to catch their breaths for the hits would just keep rolling. Salt-N-Pepa had the longest career of all the artist performing of the evening. These ladies have been hearing the roar of the crowd for 30 plus years and its been  earned rightfully so with songs like “Shoop”, “Whattaman” and “Lets Talk About Sex”.
They did do a couple covers which was nice like “Teen Spirit” and had fan participation on some, they even had to gently remind fans that were in the middle of show and couldn’t take selfies on stage. The highlight of their performance was seeing Salt-N-Pepa
wearing “THE” famous oversized jackets while performing “Push It”, it was like I was instantly fangirled at that moment me and everyone else because, it was in that moment you realized your childhood MTV days was being played out right before your eyes and it was as awesome as you’d expect!
Vanilla Ice was up next cooling things down a bit, as the head liner on the tour. Ice came out with the same confidence and good looks as he did in the 90’s; With his swagger lever on high, Ice let his lyrical rhymes flow. He danced about the stage entertaining those in attendance, while his crew members hyped up the crowd squirting them with water guns. I feel this tour should almost come with a warning that if you don’t want to get wet, then the first five rows may not for you because you’re going to get wet.
Playing songs he’s known for such as “Ninja Rap”, “Play That Funky Music” and of course “Ice, Ice Baby” and a plethora of covers to fill the time and not all the covers were from the 90’s but the fans honestly didn’t seem to mind from the top to the bottom of the set Ice had everything covered he kept it moving bringing out Coolio and Treach to assist on a couple songs. He brought a few ladies up on the stage for crowd participation. Vanilla Ice showed Akron some love Saturday, I would definitely recommend grabbing a few friends and catching the “I Love The 90s” tour!
Article and photos credit of: Tanise Werner of Music Matters Magazine

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