JACLYN KENYON Releases Official Music Video for “Tombstone”

Jaclyn Kenyon; country music’s newest sensation is ecstatic to release her second single Tombstone. The single is one of heartbreak but also one of bettering yourself, even if that means doing what you don’t want to do. The video is set in a studio room with Jaclyn and her band. For me the visual mood setter is the hat Jaclyn wears through out the video. I’m not sure why but it screams Tombstone to me. Jacklyn shows off her vocals and her piano skills in this tune that really is persuading the listener to dive into the lyrics fully. Reminiscing on old heart breaks and tough decisions made along the way.

Tombstone is directed by Jordan Davies, the Mike Krompass produced track is the second single off of her upcoming, debut EP. Look below for the video and share your thoughts in the comments!


“Tombstone will bring you back to every heartbreak you’ve ever felt. The things you allow in life are the things that will continue and sometimes you have to realize that you’re in charge of your own happiness and that happiness might just mean it’s better to let go.” – Jaclyn Kenyon


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