3 DAYS UNDER Are On A Mission To Save!

3 Days Under is a hard rock Christian band from the great state of Kentucky. These guys formed the band 3 Days Under with one goal in mind: to make a change in the world. The bands name is derived from the 3 days Jesus was dead and in the tomb. These guys have great lyrics and some serious talent! Check out the link to their website below and give them a listen!!

“I am desolate and afflicted
Surrounded by the voice of the wicked
They laugh and they stare at me
Return oh Lord deliver me”  The Fall


“I’ve been walkin, with a thirst on my tongue 
And I’ve been searching, for water where there’s none 
But I’ve been trying, to follow the Son 
But it keeps getting darker, no matter where I run” Lay It Down


You can check out their website which has tour info, news, and more HERE!

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