FIGHT THE FURY: John Cooper’s new Metal project


Skillet’s Front man John Cooper (Bassist) has launched his new project with Seth Morrison (also of SKILLET/guitarist), along with (drummer) Jared Ward, and (guitarist) John Panzer III. The band is preparing to release their debut EP with Atlantic Records later on this year. With much talk from Cooper about making this project happen fans everywhere have anticipated the news for a year or better and now it’s here.

John Cooper has wanted to branch out from Skillet and test the waters in metal for awhile, just finding time was an issue. Skillet which has been the top touring band since their debut in ’96. Yes, they didn’t start touring heavy till a few years later. However, since then they have traveled the world over numerous times with countless world class acts such as Breaking Benjamin, Flyleaf, Seether and many others.

John Cooper had this to say about the new venture: “I am so pumped about the release of Fight The Fury. This is a side of me and my music that I don’t get to show very often. It takes me back to when I first heard metal and the reason I fell in love with music. It’s raw and unfiltered and emotional.”

Cooper Adds: “Fight The Fury is for all of the fans out there who like the heavy side of Skillet, but want a super-heavy album. I hope they feel the emotion of the songs that we have put together because this project is for them.”

More information about the debut EP is expected to be released in the forthcoming weeks. With the debut of the band, they announced that their first tour will be over seas in Russia! Hopefully the band will announce an America tour to unleash their mind-blowing heavy hitting guitar riffs, drum kicks, and eye-opening lyrics by years end.


“I am so thrilled to announce to Russian fans that Fight The Fury will be playing our first show ever, on our very first tour ever, in Russia. I’m happy about that because Russian fans are some of the very best in the world. I believe that Russia will embrace Fight The Fury and I look forward to performing! We will have many surprises for you!”



Tickets on sale now!

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