“Made In My Head” By Violet Days is Ground Breaking

The release of “Made In My Head” by Violet Days is ground breaking. The EP is all electronic and pop could ever wish to bring and they collided as one on this seven track EP. From start to finish fans are going to want more and as the songs play fans will see that all they could desire is within the collaborative album. My personal favorite from the EP is “Just A Little”. It has the smoothness and pop vibe that keeps me in a good relaxed mood.

Following the steady release of teaser singles from the new EP, including the well received track ‘Leave But Don’t Go’, the 7 track project offers a dreamy collaboration of new content, as the worlds of Electronic and Pop collide.


Violet Days is the artistic project of Swedish singer and songwriter Lina Hansson, with production by her creative partner Kris Eriksson. Part of a burgeoning scene of young, talented Swedish artists, Violet Days craft addictive, bass-heavy, alternative Pop, as ethereal as it is unapologetically huge.

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