Trick or Treat Interview with Southern Halo

Music Matters Magazine is BACK with the ever so lovely Southern Halo as we talk about things that go bump in the night!

So let’s find out what gives the southern sister trio a fright! Be sure to check for all the latest news!


Ryan: Your favorite Halloween costume?

Nata: Im not too big into dressing up, so I like to throw on a witch hat and cute little cape to get into the Halloween spirit!

Tinka: The devil was always a fun go-to Halloween costume because people say that I have a spit-fireattitude, haha!

Hannah: I used to love dressing up as a witch!

Ryan: Haunted Houses or Hay Rides?

Nata: Hay Rides! I dont enjoy getting scaredhaha!

Tinka: Haunted house all the way! I love to be scared!

Hannah: Hay rides. I dont like people jumping out and touching me!


Ryan: Do you scare easily?

Nata: YES

Tinka: Not really. It takes a lot for something to scare me!

Hannah: Oh yeah!!

Ryan: Your favorite Halloween candy?

Nata: Twix

Tinka: Reeses peanut butter cups

Hannah: Kit Kats

Ryan: How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

Nata: I would say once you reach High School you might consider dressing up for Halloween parties instead of trick-or-treating, right?

Tinka: High schoolers probably shouldnt go trick-or-treating. Leave the free candy for the kids!


Ryan: Your favorite scary movie?

Nata: Hocus Pocus I am a sucker for the classics.

Tinka: The Descentit includes one of my biggest phobias (getting stuck in a cave) and its AWESOME.

Hannah: The Haunted Mansion

Ryan: Have you ever been ghost hunting?

Nata: Nopedont plan on going either!

Tinka: YES. A friend of mine and I went into an old abandoned high school at 3:00am looking for ghosts when we were old enough to drive.

Hannah: I used to go through the cemetery with a friend of mine with flashlights and candy looking for ghosts! We never saw any thoughhaha!

Ryan: Do you like to decorate/party for Halloween?

Nata: I love to help throw a Halloween party! Its so fun making holiday themed treats and drinks.

Tinka: YES!! I like to party for any occasion!

Hannah: Yeah! Any time to throw a party is a good time!

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