Album Review: City Of Tyrants

A2E2F411-095A-4A34-9F5A-AF949DB6E408The metal world has created what has now become City Of Tyrants. A lively heavy album has now been delivered, Revelationtells an epic story. 

A complete semblance has gathered its speed as they have taken the helm and stirred their album into a godlike tale set in the tone of post-apocalyptic tracks. The album gives a full story and lends itself to be a metal twist that captivates the listener.  

Revelation shows the levels of talent with hard dirty vocals that scorch the unclean, and a fast beat that keeps the drive of crushing conflicting rhythms that meter the senses along. Fans will have to listen from beginning to end to connect the whole story told. The band set out to engage their listeners and they have certainly confirmed Revelation has what it takes to meld metal to a unique spin. 

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