Interview with Artist Katie Knipp

There is something sumptuously delicious about a woman who can play guitar. Now put a dobro slide and a raw blues/country/jazz/rock/psycho fusion vocal with it and you have something special. 



Having hit Billboard Heatseekers with the pre-order sales of her new album ‘Take It With You’, her album then debuted at number ten on the Billboard Blues Music Album Chart. It is sure to say that Katie Knipp has what it takes! Her sass, talent, and skills have taken her music to the next level.

Tiffini Taylor: You have a great band to assist you on this new album, how did you choose these good musicians? Was there a certain process you used?  

Katie Knipp: Not really a process, just found them all along the way throughout solo gigs.  

TT: What was the recording process like?  

Katie Knipp: It was fantastic and efficient! First, we laid down all the drums and bass, then we got to wheel in a Mason and Hamlin grand piano for my piano tracking. The Recording Place in Rocklin is also attached to the piano store so I got to pick between 20 different grand pianos. It was so much fun. I chose one Allen Toussaint probably would have picked tone-wise. It had a nice elegance to it. Then we did overdubs, and finally all my vocal tracks. One of my favorite things to do is layer harmony vocals so I had a blast with “I Don’t Sing for You” and “Get Outta My Dream”. Harmony time is like my playground time. Chris Horton, my co-producer and engineer, brought out my best performances and our communication was on point. Neither of us was shy about communicating that the other could have done better, lol.

TT: What is your favorite song on this new album, or do you have just one? 

Katie Knipp: I cannot pick one favorite song. All of them sort of live in their own “house”, so to speak, but I guess as far as dynamics go, “Come Back”, and “Letters”.

TT: How would you describe your music, using only one word? What do you consider your musical style? 

Katie Knipp: Soulful. My style is Blues Americana with a bunch of other crossovers in between.


TT: When did you first want to be in music?  

Katie Knipp: 4th grade.  

TT: When did you begin playing musical instruments? What did you play first?

Katie Knipp: I started with clarinet in 4th grade, then it was all about singing for a long time. Finally, I taught myself piano around the age of 16, then guitar at age 21.

TT: Who inspires you?

Katie Knipp: Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Son House, Ryan Adams, Ryan Bingham, Jason Isbell, Lucinda Williams, and so many more.

TT: You have been in the music industry for quite some time, what do you think needs changed in the music industry? 

Katie Knipp: I believe it is changing for the better already. Music should not be free.  

TT: Ladies like Joan Jett, Bessie Smith, Patti Labelle, and Lita Ford have made huge impacts on women in music no matter what decade it is, do you think it is better being a female in the music industry now than it was 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago, after all, it is still considered, for lack of better words, ‘a man’s industry’?

Katie Knipp: it is much better now than it was. There is always room for some growth as far as a level playing field in commercial radio, but things are lookin’ up!

TT: What other changes would you like to see in the future of the music industry?

Katie Knipp: I will have to get back to you after having some new awesome experiences in this coming year 😉

TT: What is next for you? 

Katie Knipp: Riding the wave of making it onto the Billboard charts for the first time yesterday. More shows, more exposure.


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