“It’s Christmas Time” Interview With Southern Halo

“It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time” and we are decking the halls with Christmas interviews of some of music’s greatest artist! Today we have the privilege to chat with county music sensation Southern Halo


Ryan: What are your favorite festivities surrounding Christmas?  

Nata: I personally always look forward to decorating the tree with my family! Daddy cooks a turkey while we make Christmas cookies and help decorate it together. I absolutely love it.

Tinka: I love walking downtown and seeing all of the Christmas lights and displays!

Hannah: Going to the zoo lights in Memphis, TN and ice skating!


Ryan: Lets settle the debate: when should someone put up their Christmas tree?

Haha, we think it could never be too early to celebrate Christmas! It comes and goes so quickly that we personally love to start getting in the spirit the weekend after Thanksgiving! That includes putting up the tree, watching our favorite Christmas movies and making Christmas cookies!


Ryan: What is the best gift youve received for Christmas?

Nata: In all honesty, just getting to spend Christmas together is the best gift!

Tinka: My drum kit!!!

Hannah: A special little puppy!


Ryan: What song(s) get you in the Christmas spirit? 

Nata: Run Run Rudolph, Winter Wonderland, White Christmas, Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tinka: Something About Christmas Time, All I Want for Christmas Is You, Last Christmas

Hannah: RockinAround the Christmas Tree, Santa Baby, Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber


Ryan: Rank your top favorite Christmasthemed movies 

Nata: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Santa Clause

Tinka: Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Die Hard

Hannah: Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Home Alone


Ryan: Does your family have any Christmas traditions that are unique?

When we are home, we LOVE hanging around in our pajamas all day eating Christmas cookies, sausage balls, and a big fat turkey while we open our presents slowly throughout the day. Also, anyone who comes over on Christmas must be in their pjs as well! 😉


Ryan: With Christmas comes cold weather and snow. Do you like enjoy the cold weather? Snow?  

Nata: I personally am not a fan of the cold weather. I love to be warm at all times; however, Ive always said: if its going to be cold, it better snow or it better be Christmas! Those are the only exceptions. 😉


Hannah: I enjoy it for the season, but as soon as the holidays are over Im ready for warmer weather!


Ryan: Did you build a snowman when you were a kid? 

Nata: The very few times that it did snow in our hometown I loved building a snowmen! I would grow attached, too. I remember naming mine Mr. Chillerand putting him in the freezer because I wanted him to last foreverhaha!

Tinka: Yes! And snowball fights. Those were the BEST.

Hannah: I preferred making snow angels!


We want to Thank Southern Halo for taking the time to chat with us about wha Christmas means to them and be sure to check out their latest album “Just Like In The  Movies” and keep up to date with the trio at any of the links below:

Twitter: @3halos  https://twitter.com/3halos

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