“It’s Christmas Time”: Interview With J.D. Shelburne

“It’s Christmas Time, It’s Christmas Time” and we are decking the halls and lighting the tree with country star J.D. Shelburne! Let’s dig into J.D.’s Christmas and see what traditions and music fuels the holiday spirit!

Ryan: Christmas is a time for joy and happiness to spend with friends and family. How do you plan to spend your Christmas this year?

J.D. Shelburne: I always travel back home to Taylorsville, KY and spend it on the family farm with my wife and family. Lots of food and fellowship with those I love the most. Lots of family traditions.


What are your favorite festivities surrounding Christmas?

Christmas morning is a tradition of opening gifts with my parents and brother. Mom cooks an old fashion country breakfast and we tear in to the gifts soon after. We lay around all day eating candies and food and usually hit a movie in Louisville later that night with family.

Let’s settle the debate: when should someone put up their Christmas tree?

As soon as November 1st! I love a Christmas tree and especially the glow from it. It always creates the mood for the house. My tree doesn’t come down until Kentucky loses their first basketball game of the season! There have been a few years it has been up since April!!!!!


What is the best gift you’ve received for Christmas?

So many great gifts through the years. My parents restored my 1996 Chevy Camaro back in 2016. This was the car I drove in high school and college. It had sit in a barn for year and rusted and mom and dad decided to surprise me with it. I still have it and it is one of my most prized possessions.


What song(s) get you in the Christmas spirit?

Any Holidays Classic: Bing Crosby, Andy Williams etc.


Would you consider creating a Christmas album? If so, what songs would you include, or would they be originals?

Already in the process. I love so many different Christmas tunes: especially the classics such as “Ill be home for Christmas”, “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and more


Rank your top favorite Christmas themed movies

1.) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2.) Home Alone 3.) Four Christmases 4.) Home Alone 2 Lost in New York


Does your family have any Christmas traditions that are unique?

So many. My aunt still make my grandma’s old Christmas candies and bring them to the house each year. That is one of the oldest traditions in our family. Dad also cures our own country hams in the barn that we eat on Christmas morning.


With Christmas comes cold weather and snow. Do you like enjoy the cold weather? Snow?

Bring on the snow but only on Christmas Day!

Mary Christmas and Happy New Year

Did you build a snowman when it were a kid?

many times!


Thank you J.D. Shelburne for your time to give us an inside look at your Christmas. J.D. Shelburne is a country star that is tearing up Nashville with hits like “One Less a girl”, and “Better Man”. Be sure to check out Kentucky native J.D.‘s website HERE

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