Caroline Grace Releases New Single “Leave My Heart Alone”

LA-based pop singer Caroline Grace dropped her new single “Leave My Heart Alone” while opening for Kyle, Marc E. Bassy and Tobi Lou last night in San Diego, CA.
“Leave My Heart Alone” is the second of a series of singles Caroline will release under her brand new label/production company, Illuminate Creative Group, throughout this year and 2019. Listen to “Leave My Heart Alone” on Spotify and Apple Music now.

The track is reminiscent of the legendary pop acts of the past like Debbie Gibson and Robyn, with a jazzy piano and Caroline’s sultry R&B influenced vocals flying atop.” –Ladygunn

I have been inspired by 80’s pop/dance music since I was a little girl, singing along to The Bee Gees with my parents, dancing to Brick House with my siblings, all of it, Caroline says of the new single. “I’ve been dreaming of making a track like this for ages and a few weeks ago, JD Walker and I did it. We started with a groovy piano and the song, melody, lyric and all were literally done in less than 30 minutes. The songs narrates the age old tale of the boy you’ve tried so hard to get over who keeps popping in and out of your life. Although song admits that yes, you may still have mad feelings for this person, you know it can’t happen, at least can’t happen right now. So for the time being, that person needs to “leave your heart the frick alone.
Caroline joined Kyle, Marc. E Bassy and Tobi Lou for their West Coast tour dates that began Nov. 14th in Phoenix, AZ and ending with a hometown show in Los Angeles, CA at The Palladium on Nov. 17th. For tickets and more information, please visit .
Last week, Caroline released the official video for her last single “Bad Behavior.” Shot and directed by Jeff Vanags, the visual portrays a story based on personal experiences Caroline channeled when writing the track.
“‘Bad Behavior’ emerged out of various past experiences in which I was searching for something more than what comes with today’s ‘hook up culture,‘” Caroline shared in a recent interview with POPSTAR!. “A lot of times you see red flags and ignore them, hoping the person you are seeing really is the person you’ve always dreamt about.
22 year old singer/songwriter, Caroline Grace, has found her voice in R&B influenced pop music. Starting to write songs at age 14, Grace has taken years to develop her artistry. While studying writing at the University of Southern California, Grace captured the attention of grammy nominated singer/songwriter Jason Boyd (Poo Bear). The two went on to co-write her debut single, Show Me, which landed the recognition of some of music’s largest publications, Billboard included. Since, Grace began her own independent record label/production company, Illuminate Creative Group, and has been working tirelessly on creating new music that will plunge her into the mainstream. This November, Caroline will be making her tour debut opening for Kyle on his Lightspeed World Tour along side Marc E. Bassy and Tobi Lou. Sit back and watch as this fierce young woman takes the music industry by storm.
Caroline Grace on Social Media

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