Align The Tide “Dead Religon” Album Review

Dead Religion’ takes inspiration from prayers which remain unanswered, thereby instilling doubt on each person. False advertising from preachers and prophets lighten up the grim thoughts of death with nice ideas of the afterlife, which some people choose to believe it, even though we were not promised anything after death.” – Align The Tide 


Align the Tide ‘Dead Religion’ is a definitive addition to your metal classic collection. Align the Tide is a quissential metal album ‘Dead Religion’ is a serious album that brings a valuable lesson into the world of metal. It is gathering of tracks set to showcase who Align the Tide is and metalheads can’t wait to find out where they are heading next. This is a hard driving metal album.

Align the Tide is: Kyle Farrugia – Vocals/Lead Guitar, Nikki Buttigieg – Rhythm Guitar, Danny Dalli – Drums/ Backing Vocals, Gabriel Camilleri – Bass Guitar.


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