Nashville Country Pop Singer Jenny Teator Talks Inspiration, Her Roots, and More!

From that “AH-HA” moment forward singer-songwriter Jenny Teator has kept her path driving down the music course. Just talking with her you totally get where her focus is and her tenacious passion is her steering wheel. Her first single/music video “Surrender” is cute and lends itself to the sounds of Country Pop done Nashville style. A little bit naughty and a little bit nice is what brings “Surrender” its fun-hearted spice.
Mark Dylan: Your interest in music began where?
Jenny Teator: I started singing in middle school as I watched my sister perform in choir, so I then joined it too! In high school, I really started getting into music and songwriting. That’s when I taught myself how to play guitar!
Mark Dylan: Who were some of your earliest influencers?
Jenny Teator: Michelle Branch, The Wailin Jenny’s, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Alicia Keys.
Click HERE  to watch the official music video for Jenny’s single Surrender”
Mark Dylan: Did you find yourself mimicking them, or did you find your stride right away?
Jenny Teator: When I started learning guitar and messing with songwriting I definitely took after Michelle Branch first. I learned her song “It’s You” on guitar and then the more songs I learned to cover I started to write on my own and some of that came out in my music. I definitely started to become more bluesy later on in life when I was in college and beyond learning more artists and styles.
Mark Dylan: Where is home and how did you find your way to Nashville?
Jenny Teator: Home is St. Louis, MO. I lived in Columbia, MO for 6 years as I went to college and had a band there for 5 of those years as Jenny Teator and The Fevers. Towards the end, I knew if I wanted to pursue music as a career I needed to leave that college town to do so. I had ended a long term relationship and realized the health field wasn’t the right fit anymore. It all just clicked for me one day, like an “AH-HA” moment. I realized I needed to step out of my comfort zone and finally do something for MYSELF. Music had always been a constant passion of mine as others had faded so it just made sense to do this. I had never felt this way before and as they say, “when you know, you know!”, holistically. So I decided to move to Nashville, a place where I knew I could get the songwriting growth I desired and the experience I was looking for to grow and start my career professionally. I had always wanted to move there, so it was an easy choice!
Mark Dylan: What is the background story on your first single as a solo artist, “Surrender”?
Jenny Teator: Surrender is about lust and curiosity. It talks about the primal want you get when someone comes into your life and they leave you wanting MORE. It’s more than just “I’m attracted to you”. It was this powerful gut feeling that took over my body, creating thoughts of what it could be like with this person. I think we are quick to disregard those moments and immediately feel “dirty” or “wrong” for thinking those thoughts. Especially females. I’m saying, embrace it!
Mark Dylan: Who did you work with on music recording/production and how was the experience?
Jenny Teator: I recorded the song in Framingham, MA with Red 13 Studios. They absolutely killed it! I love working with them and their team over there is brilliant. They have an excellent team to help any artist get going and I can’t wait to continue to work with them. The track was produced by Mark Roberge and Shaun Lichtenstein. I literally came to them with a voice memo of the song, and they worked their magic and out came this production of it! I was so happy with it and can’t wait to do more with them!
Mark Dylan: What tricks of the trade have you been learning along the way that you could share with other new artists?
Jenny Teator: Don’t jump the gun. It’s really easy to get eager as a newer artist and let that take over some decision making… I learned that the hard way. But I’m glad I learned that early! Before you reply or take an opportunity, do your research and make sure it’s going to be worth your time. It’s OK to be picky. 🙂

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