Rivershine’s David Jr. Talks New Single THE LOVER, Touring, and More!

Louisville native county band Rivershine is scaling the charts with their debut single ‘The Lover’.  Today we have the ands guitarist Dave with us and he talks about the new single, about opening up their touring schedule and more!


Ryan: I’ve seen a lot of promotions for Rivershine’s new single “The Lover” How is the single doing?

David: “The Lover” is doin so well. We put I out three months ago to feel the waters out and see what it can do. It’s top ten in two separate internet charts. In a fan voted chart it’s ranked 6th. We’re gonna try to have it up at Music Row at the first of March.

How was the making of the music video for “The Lover”?

David: We got lucky to have Ron White and Alex Reymundo come in and do a cameo in it. It was great having them in the video.

Alex actually lives in Kentucky and him and Ron White own Number Juan Tequila. Though some friends we got ahold of Alex. He listened and loved the song and wanted to be apart of it so we are happy that he was wanting to be apart of it.


That makes new fans, fans of Alex and Ron listen and discover what you guys have going on.

David: I hope so, it should be in rotation on CMT and CMT2 by the start of the month.


Hows the touring lookin like? Looking for CMA Fest this year possibly?

David: Yeah! Definitely and we are looking to tour in Nashville. We’re backing off the local scene some and browsing our dates. We have some Old Red dates coming on Broadway (Nashville). Some Chicago dates coming up. We want to plan our hometown but we don’t want to wear it out. We want to take what we have and take it on the road.


Let’s talk about the support behind Rivershine. How do they impact and help the reach to fans.

David: Absolutely! We just signed with a new PR company, Kore PR and they’re on a whole different level and they don’t mess around. Bringing them on board with the streaming. The playlist and everything online it all works hand in hand.


When I listen to a song I also want to see the music video. I want to see my take on it, but also what the artist had in mind.

David: Videos are a big part of music and they’re a big part of the Visual part of what you do. That’s why we tried to put the whole package together when we came out with it (The Lover). I’m January we put up the rest of the EP so you can go to Spotify or any digital outlet and get the EP. it’s called The First Ride.

The response to the lover has been incredible. We were doing a radio clip with a station in Branson Missouri and we have had over 3,500 call in request for ‘The Lover’ for that station. It’s an Indy station so to have that it tells me we have a good thing.


When it comes to writing, you guys write material?

We do, we all write. With this EP we utilized the Nashville greats the songwriters there that have some great music already his waiting to be out and we took a few that really spoke to us and put them out.


You do, Rivershine has a sound that is one that’s not contested in music today.

David: Some of the stuff on the record is rock country, then we have a son in there that is straight up country.


Diversity is what makes a track appealing or a broad audience.

David: That was the outlook when we went to do this. We wanted to stay true to ourself sans show all sides of Rivershine.


What is is the plan for Rivershine right now?

David: Were going to let The Lover Do it’s magic. We released it in October. If you look at the metabase charts and look at some one like Jimmie Allen he spent 32 weeks climbing the charts. So, we released this on a light release in October so 32 weeks is a long time so we still have some time to go.

Were hoping this is going to break loose and give us the break we’re looking for.


If a fan hasn’t seen a show of Rivershine’s yet and they’re thinking about it. What would you say describes the performance of Rivershine?

David: We are pretty adamant about looking good on stage, sounding good. We don’t care if you spend $5 at the door or $200 with their hard earned money we want to I’ve the best show possible. If your going over and above and sound good making sure your fans are taken care of and interacting with your fans that’s what’s important.























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