Marty Hill Of Roaring Truth In a Tell All Interview

‘Homesick’ is a musical journey carried by transcendent melody and churning rhythm that leads the listener along the lyrical pathways of existential crisis and resolution. Come aboard this pilgrimage of power…” – Roaring Truth

Click HERE to check out the Offical Music Video For ‘Homesick’

Marlin Tish: How long have you all been together as Roaring Truth?

Marty Hill: Dillon Moses (guitar) and I got together in February 2015, along with James (JJ) Jones joining about three months later. James Michael McLester (drums) came on board in November of 2017. Jordan Greer (bass) rounded out the line-up in May of 2018.

Marlin Tish: If you would introduce yourselves. Name, what you play, former or other bands you are or were in?


Marty Hill: Our drummer, James Michael McLester, is a veteran of the Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene. He was once a part of Solinger, who were one of the biggest bands on the Dallas scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Jordan Greer, our bassist, comes from the most varied background of anyone in the band. He has been a part of a recording bluegrass band. A metalhead in a bluegrass band- go figure, LOL!


Marlin Tish: Your “Homesick” song can you discuss the imagery and what triggered its writing?

Marty Hill: “Homesick” is a song about existential crisis. It has a deep, searching melody that leads you into the driving gallop of the verse riff. It is a musical journey of conflict, and finally, of resolution. I was inspired to write the lyrics because it’s a pilgrimage that we all have to enter into- who am I, and why am I here?

Marlin Tish: Are you all motorcycle riders and where all was the video filmed?

Marty Hill: J.J. used to ride street bikes about ten years ago. I rode dirt-bikes as a kid. However, as of now, nobody in the band is a rider. The video was arranged and paid for by our distributor, so I don’t have all of the details of location etc…We do appreciate DSN for going the “extra mile” for us and making the video!


Marlin Tish: In terms of the rest of your self titled EP why did you choose “Homesick” to be your first release?

Marty Hill: “Homesick” was the song that it seemed garnered the most attention from outside sources, so we went with it. The fans voices were heard!

Marlin Tish: Who is the lyricist in the band? What does each member bring to the writing table?

Marty Hill: I wrote the majority of the lyrics on our EP, with some assistance from J.J. He co-wrote on “Rebel?”, and “Do As I Say”. We are currently in the writing process for our next album. Music wise, Dillon Moses has some great riffs that are coming together, and James Michael has some really good bluesy, rock stuff that will be on the next record, too.

Marlin Tish: Are you going to be able to hit the road pretty soon and tour? If so, where might your fans find you?

Marty Hill: Right now, we are reaching out to promoters in search of possibilities. When we latch on to something we will post on our social media accounts.

Marlin Tish: Next piece of music in the works?

Marty Hill: Yes. As I previously mentioned, we are in works of pre-production and arrangement of 3 songs. Once those are finished, we will progressively add more to the mix. We are in no rush, however, because we want our current EP to hit the masses. We are very confident in the songs that are on it.

Marlin Tish: Where is the band headed in 2019?

Marty Hill: Hopefully laying the groundwork, and helping lead the pack, of the “New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal”. A rock revolution is coming!

Marlin Tish: Finally, what is your message to your fans?

Marty Hill: Music means something to those who create it and it means something to those who listen to it. Our message is that heavy metal and hard rock can be powerful without being negative. We have positively charged lyrics and music that radiate energy. If you love, and miss melodic metal, give us a listen. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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