The Northmen Talk Writing, Touring and Their Smash Hit ‘Forevermore’

A classic metal sound that speeds up to meet today’s modern metal. The Northmen’s music and philosophy seem to meld the past and present to create their future boldly. If “Forevermore” is a taste of what is to come then we cannot wait!

Greg Landom: How long have you all been together as The Northmen? 

The Northmen: The band was formed in 2015. Our completed roster in 2017. 

GL: If you would introduce yourselves. Name, what you play.

Jeremy Lawlor- vox/guitar

Matthew Gregory- drums

Brendan Laverty- vox/bass

Alix Beitz- lead guitar 

GL: Any former other bands you are or were in?

The Northmen: Brendan and I used to be in a local cover band, New York May. Alix had a band in Malone, NY before moving to Watertown. 



GL: Do any of the band members switch and perform each other’s instruments? 

The Northmen: We do not switch when we perform live. Each of us has experience with other instruments though. Jeremy can play the drums, Brendan and I can play the guitar, and Alix can play the bass. Confusing but we can all play each other’s instruments to some extent. 

GL: How do you all write your music?

The Northmen: We all come into band room with ideas and let the creativity flow. Jeremy handles most lyrics and Melody’s. Unless we come up with something really good beforehand. We almost always have all of us present when creating music. Four brains work better than one (Brendan Laverty )


GL: What does each member bring to the writing table?

The Northmen: We all play different instruments so we all come up with new ideas. 

GL: Your “Forevermore” song can you discuss the imagery and what triggered its writing?

The Northmen: The creation of forevermore came to be like pretty much every other song- from somewhere in the ether. It was just some random guitar fingerings. I think I must have been in a classical guitar mood and just started doing this kind of progression that had a real “Spanish” feel to it. I thought that the initial rhythm alone could have multiple potential melodies that would be just as good as the next. And then, per usual, the next question was “…how can I make that a little heavier???” From there came the question of harmonizing and so on. It just took on a life of its own until it became what it ultimately is now. And will be forevermore. 

As for the imagery, that is very much up to interpretation. I wouldn’t want to compromise what it could mean for the first time listener. This one is kind of supposed to make you think and find your own meaning. It’s also one of those ones where maybe you can be like “I wonder what it’s supposed to mean to them…” and then let your imagination take you from there. Either way, it should be a journey. Or at least, we hope it is. 


GL: Where was the video filmed, who all did you work with on it?

The Northmen: The video was filmed at one of our local venues called “the exhibition hall”, a great place to have bands. Eli Glesmann recorded our music video.

GL: Will there be another video to coming soon?

The Northmen: We have some things in the works so yes expect a music video sooner than later.

GL: Are you going to be able to hit the road pretty soon and tour? If so, where might your fans find you?

The Northmen: We actually hit the road very soon. I’ll attach a photo of our upcoming dates. 



GL: What is next for The Northmen as you finish 2019 and head into 2020? 

The Northmen: We plan on writing as much material as possible and getting back in the studio to do our first album. 

GL: What is your message to your fans? Music means something to those who create it and it means something to those who listen to it. 

The Northmen: We hope you all enjoy the music as much as we do and expect our album to be in your face and energetic just like our live shows. 

GL: Best way to connect with you all is? 

Facebook is the best way to connect! (The NorthmeN) 

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