All Girl AC/DC Tribute Band Shoot To Thrill Rocks Knoxville Tennessee


Shoot 2 Thrill is an All Girls AC/DC Tribute band from North Carolina . They Played Bootleggers Harley Davidson Big outside concert stage in Knoxville Tennessee to a very eager crowd. I wasn’t quite sure what to think at first but as soon as they started I knew it was going to be a great show and Proving Girls CAN Rock!! It was a Very Hot Day and They indeed DID come to Rock! They Did two sets of all your favorite AC/DC songs . Kara Nailing every Song and Susan (guitar) rocking the solos and not afraid to get down and dirty spinning around on the stage . Jai (Bass )  & Wendy (Guitar) looking cool in their leather nailing their parts. Kate (Drums) knocking it out every song. During the show they even brought up a little fan on stage, a small little girl wearing her red devil horns that light up to come dance and Rock out with the band and she really loved it and really got into dancing around on that Big stage. People were really enjoying the show and having a great time. These Girls KNOW how to Rock!
Shoot To Thrill includes Kara (vocals)DSC_2482 who can sing everything from classical to blues to metal and nails it! , Susan (guitar)DSC_2501 comes from the New York scene and sure can melt faces with her solos , Jai (bass)DSC_2353comes from Buffalo New York and is the ex guitarist/front woman from an all girls punk trio called the Voodoo Dollies. Wendy (guitar)DSC_2694plays Rhythm guitar who is an accomplished singer/guitarist/songwriter who has had songs in movies and on lifetime tv. and Kate (drums)DSC_2277 who is an awesome drummer was a finalist in Beyonce drummer hunt. She keeps the beat of the band.

Not only are the girls professional musicians with impeccable skills, they are full of energy for an entertaining stage show!  How they manage to look good after rocking out is amazing cause I sure don’t lol!
The girls decided on AC/DC in particular, because the band’s songs are a marriage of compelling music and creative story-telling. The guitar work is intricate yet not overplayed, while the rhythms are driving and dynamic. The silence is as important as the noise, and the lyrics are relatable and captivating. You just HAVE to sing along….or air-guitar….or BOTH! The girls decided to do a full tribute rather than a cover band, because a tribute is much more challenging. You play many songs by the same artist and really reach inside that artist copying not only their playing style but also their signature stage moves. It’s really quite an art and very rewarding when you make it all come together.
Shoot To Thrill is based out of Raleigh, NC and tours all along the East Coast. Be sure to check them out at to see where they will be playing next!
Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

3 thoughts on “All Girl AC/DC Tribute Band Shoot To Thrill Rocks Knoxville Tennessee

  1. Want copy of may with shoot2thrill band concert in May in Tennessee that’s my great granddaughter on stage with them!


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