Tracy Lawrence with 16th Studio Album ‘Made In America’ out Aug 16th!

Country music icon, Tracy Lawrence returns with his 16th studio album titled ‘Made In America’. The alum is due out August 16th and the debut single off the upcoming album is the self titled album ‘Made in America ‘. Paying respect to those that make this country as great as it is and a sense of pride this one goes out to the hardworking American.


The single was penned by Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby, and Adam Sanders. Lawrence has always been a strong writer and has taken pride in writing and co-writing his own work for decades. One of many things that makes Tracy Lawrence a unique artist.

“I am extremely proud of my new album Made in America. It is possibly the most personal album I have ever released,” states Lawrence. “I co-wrote 8 out of the 12 songs, pouring my heart and soul in each of the songs. I feel it will resonate with my fans and country music lovers across this nation,” as Lawrence states on his website.

Made in America Track List:

1. Made in America (Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby, Adam Sanders)
2. Forgive Yourself (Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby)
3. Running Out of People to Blame (Tracy Lawrence, Carson Chamberland, Mark Nesler)
4. When The Cowboy’s Gone (Tracy Lawrence, Wyatt McCubbin, Carson Chamberland)
5. Nothin’ Burns Like You (Tracy Lawrence, Carson Chamberland, Mark Nesler)
6. First Step To Leaving (Tracy Lawrence, Mark Nesler, Rick Huckaby)
7. It Ain’t You (Tracy Lawrence, Paul Nelson, Rick Huckaby)
8. Givin’ Momma Reasons To Pray (S. Camp, Chris Stapleton)
9. Work On My Willie (Tracy Lawrence, Rick Huckaby, Flip Anderson)
10. Chicken Wire (Monty Criswell, Rick Huckaby)
11. Just the South Coming Out (Rick Huckaby, Wade Kirby)
12. Stay Back a Hundred Feet (Monty Criswell, Rick Huckaby)



‘Made In America’ is ready for pre order now HERE


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