Roxxi Dott of THE SAVIOR COMPLEX Talks Music, Vegas, and More!

Las Vegas based Coscore band; The Savior Complex recently released their music video for they’re latest single “Halo”. As the days go, so do the views for their single continue to skyrocket. Today we have Roxxi Dott with us to talk music and the lifestyle of Vegas!
82C32545-45CA-4F00-8C88-AF763A4D3CA9Marta Landry: How has the vibe of Las Vegas influenced the sound of The Savior Complex? Or is it the other way around-TSC has invaded the processing of the LV lifestyle?

Roxxi Dott: Las Vegas influenced the record getting done in record time due to no clocks, lots of oxygen and free drinks.
Marta: Astrologically speaking what constellation would The Savior Complex represent?
Roxxi Dott: Uranus. The Savior Complex appears to be taking shape around new-formed stars.
Music video for “Halo” HERE
Marta: Were you a Depeche fan originally? Would you consider joining them on stage and performing this song?
Roxxi Dott: Yes. I would consider joining Tool or Dope on stage for their remake of People are People.
Marta: The song, “People Are People” lends itself to be a call for people to put aside their differences and work toward unity (or so we read) how does the meaning of this song fit with the premise of what The Savior Complex means?
Roxxi Dott: My take of this song is more so of Hollywood California. People are people in your face until you turn around and they stab you and stab you and stab you in Uranus.
Marta: Overall are you as a band really desiring each release to stand on its own or to be a continuation story with a thread woven through?
Roxxi Dott: No. They will each stand on their own. You can weave your own threat Thumbelina at our show.
Marta: Finally, is the life of Avant garde dead or very much alive? Do the days of Pia Zidora, Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop still exist?
Roxxi Dott: For such an artsy question you spelled Avant-Garde wrong. Tracing history with a broken Number Two pencil, music is the power of art that still continues to promote radical social reforms. Therefore, like Iggy Pop and sexy-ass Debbie Harry, The Savior Complex explodes ahead of today’s music.
Marta: Finally, finally… living or dead who would you really dig having a coffee and chat session with, what music would be playing in the background and donut plain or iced with that cuppa joe?
Roxxi Dott: Look, you are in G-rated land. We will go to The Well in Hollywood, in the background will be playing Black Dog by Zeppelin, and I will be talking to you drafting up new glazed questions.

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