Dark Below’s Quin Koldan Talks Christmas!

Dark Below’s Quin Koldan might wait days before Christmas to do his shopping but he knows what to appreciate this Christmas season!

What is your favorite holiday treat?

Quin Koldan: I’m a fan of food in general so it’s hard to pick just one favorite!

Do you have a favorite holiday scent?

Quin Koldan: Not really; but if I had to pick one I would go with apples, if that counts as a holiday scent.

Hot chocolate or apple cider?

Quin Koldan: That depends. Apple cider is usually my choice and can be really good, but a properly made hot chocolate is absolutely phenomenal.

What are you most thankful for this year?

Quin Koldan: I’m thankful for my health, I feel like a lot of people take that for granted. I’m also thankful for my band mates, and all the people I’ve met playing music. It has been an amazing experience, and I hope it continues for many years to come.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If not, are there any that you would like to try or start?

Quin Koldan: I can’t think of any Christmas traditions that I have right now or particularly want to start, but if a tradition were to naturally arise I’d definitely keep it going.


How long did you believe in Santa?

Quin Koldan: I think I stopped believing at 6 or 7 years old. Definitely 7 at the latest, because that’s the point where I remember trying to convince my friend in 1st grade Santa isn’t real.


What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Quin Koldan: Easy. Die Hard.


Do you do your Christmas shopping early, or do you wait last second?

Quin Koldan: I usually forget until a day or two before Christmas.


What does Christmas mean to you?

Quin Koldan: To me, when I think of Christmas I always think of roadtrips. I moved around a lot growing up, and whenever the holidays came around I often had to travel to see extended family.


Favorite dish for the holiday?

Quin Koldan: Don’t really have a favorite dish, I like pretty much anything. I will say though I can’t stand nuts. Except pistachios. I like those.


Do you enjoy decorating and typically full of the Christmas spirit?

Quin Koldan: Not really. Some decoration can be nice for the season but I don’t see a point in a huge spectacle when it’s going to be taken down in a month, if that.


Christmas dinner: ham or turkey?

Quin Koldan: That depends, but we’ll go with ham.


Are there any Christmas tunes you like to put on to set the Christmas mood?

Quin Koldan: Once it’s Christmas season, Christmas music is ok. It’s when people play it in October or September even that annoys me a bit.


What are your plans this year for Christmas?

Quin Koldan: At some point I will be seeing my family, but I have to finalize the travel schedule.


Does snow really make it feel Christmas or could you live without snow?

Quin Koldan: Snow does make Christmas more Christmas-ey, but I could absolutely live without snow.



We see it every year, something new is made smelling or tasting like pumpkin spice. What are your thoughts? Overkill, bring it on, or really do not care?

Personally I think it’s a bit much, but I don’t care. If pumpkin spice is your thing then go for it.

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