KB & The Idyllwilde “I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Wanna Let You” Album Review

417BC116-D7D7-4272-B805-AB9736C72EC0If you take all the soulful-powerful  vocals possible, add a couple scoops of originality, a dash of rebellion, give it a name you have Katie Burke. KB &The Idyllwilde release their long awaited album “I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Wanna Let You” which is in stores TODAY (2/14/20).

The album contains five tracks all in fact paint a vivid picture of letting go of the stigma that everything goes as planned and life’s perfect…because real life doesn’t work like that. As Katie has said in regards to the album “Basically, this album encompasses all the ways we distort and experience love, or how I have at least…Its a lot of addiction, egoic superiority/inferiority tendencies, and just plain codependent shit. Its a ‘love’ album about not knowing how to get it right, but celebrating all the ugly/beautiful ways we get it wrong.”


Album Cover for “I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Wanna Let You”

Track Listings:

1-Mad Men


3-Right Kind Of Sickness


5-Heart Faulty

If your a Joplin, Zeppelin, Hart fan, there’s no doubt you’ll be addicted to this album cover to cover. Raw psychedelic riffs and thunderous drum beats intertwined; Taking all that united with Katie Burke’s impressive use of  vocal range she is able to compel you within a moments time. The lively essence leaves you wanting more, the provocative and daring lyrics makes you feel it’s wrote for your own life, connecting with your soul.

A new torch carrier of soulful rock. The rawness, the enigmatic visualization that Katie Burke gives in her lyrical writing and her delivery is one that captivated myself from the start.

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