Michael Angelo Batio Speeds Into Knoxville Tennessee


Michael Angelo Batio brought his Speed Kills Tour 2020 to The Open Chord All Things Music venue in Knoxville Tennessee Febuary 8, 2020.

Michael is a Heavy Metal Guitarist from Chicago Illinois who always wanted to be a metal guitarist. He IS metal through and through.
He was Lead Guitarist for the Heavy Metal band Nitro . Michael is known for his speed metal. He is a showman on stage. He is known for his Over-Under Technique and his ability to play a double and a quad guitar . Being ambidextrous he is able to use both hands to play.
Playing two guitars at the same time either by synchronization or separate harmonies.
People all over the world use Michaels concepts as teaching guides. He is one of the originators and pioneer of the “shred” guitar genre. Michael invented and patent the “string dampener” that mutes the strings on his double guitar he calls “Jet”. He’s toured 58 countries and has appeared on the VH1 classic That Metal Show starring Eddie Trunk. He has done it all!

Fans arrived early and were waiting in line for the doors to open. Eagerly awaiting for the show. Before the show Michael was also giving a Speed Kills Master Class which I got to hear a little of and it sounded Fantastic! Wearing all black Michael takes the stage and quickly gets things started.
Michael is a real showman and tells stories in between playing his guitars. Great sense of humor too. There was no opener but he didn’t need one.
He was telling the story of when he went with his mother to see Elvis Presley for the first time and he didnt want to go and how he met Rod Stewart in the bathroom. How he has played and met just about every celebrity you can imagine.
His playing will mesmerise you . I caught myself a couple times being mesmerised by his playing.
The end of the night he brought up a fan from the audience to hold his 15 pound double guitar while he told a story. (He didn’t have his quad guitar this time.) Watching him play that guitar was something! He played it with arms crossed. Definetly something to see!

To keep up with Michael go to: http://www.handswithoutshadows.com

Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine 2020

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