Get Your Southern Rock Blasting! Evandale Release Their Single “The Storm”


The play on words that could be used for “The Storm” is booming and every single one of them can be used in describing this song’s ability – strike – to the core of Evandale. Rocking the guitars, drums, and vocals speak impressively and convincingly that Evandale has taken the defining southern rock sound and handled it with utmost care. The ground floor of your favorite bar room and lit savory cigar send a whiskey drenched smoke that culminates around out each song Evandale produces.

“The Storm” is coming as Evandale is set to release their EP later this year All Or Nothing. Could “The Storm” be the thunder that is rolling in for Evandale’s EP? Quite possibly and their fans are sure to be satisfied. “You can’t outrun the rain… when you’re the storm”.

Listen to Evandale’s “The Storm”

Evandale Distressed Album 5

‘”The Storm” is a song off of our new EP All or Nothing coming in the autumn of 2020. This is a song that tells a story that so many can relate to. Everyone has goals in life, lazy moments, or unaccomplished tasks they’d like to fulfill. Sometimes, we need to stop blaming others, stop making excuses for the way things are, and take a step back to evaluate what you can control in your life and make it happen!”‘
– Evandale


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