Gabriel and the Apocalypse Drop Acoustic Version for “Bleed Me An Ocean”

MINNESOTA – INDUSTRIAL ROCK BAND GABRIEL and the APOCALYPSE’s acoustic version of “Bleed Me An Ocean” exudes a transcendent emotional side of GATA that reveals the ability of Lindy’s vocals in a powerful and effective way. In this release, GATA has gifted their listeners a more exposed performance, letting not only the music, but the production also speak for itself. The acoustic presentation of “Bleed Me An Ocean” enhances the … Continue reading Gabriel and the Apocalypse Drop Acoustic Version for “Bleed Me An Ocean”

“D.A.R.E.” New Single/Video by Beauty Is Betrayal

Sacramento, CA – BEAUTY IS BETRAYAL style slays as it blows the metal horns and imagination away! The best way to describe their latest release, “D.A.R.E.” would be a colorful pill trip involving Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus with a fusion of metal-horror. Freaking out a bit as they begin their musical escapade, they grab their minions and find themselves in a really exciting metal/horror operatic party at … Continue reading “D.A.R.E.” New Single/Video by Beauty Is Betrayal

7 Stone Riot New Single/Video “Manipulation”

Birmingham, Alabama – 7 Stone Riot began the process of creating something different back in April just as everything began shutting down. The band decided it was time to create something unique that would speak their vision. Through their music, these perceptions, their “Manipulation” came together, and the main goal was solidified.The recording process of “Manipulation” converged through a make-shift studio and drums provided by the Bates Brothers Recording. From … Continue reading 7 Stone Riot New Single/Video “Manipulation”

Gears Release Single/Video “Bored”

Hard/Active Rock band Gears have released their cover of the Deftones single/video “Bored” along with The Label Group/INgrooves. From the opening riff, the drive of the guitar signifies a harder/active rock edge; as the vocals of Trip Six take hold the crux of the melody immediately fixes itself into a richer deeper tone of urgency. From there, drummer Jimmy Wooten and bassist Josh Routt round out this … Continue reading Gears Release Single/Video “Bored”

Dead Original New Single/Video “Bought and Sold”

Chicago, IL. – DEAD ORIGINAL the heavy trio of new grunge who carry the emotional vibe of heavy rock is causing quite the stir in the windy city and beyond. Dead Original continues to sell their sound with their new single/video “Bought and Sold” (from their debut EP by the same name), as they continue to carve out their place. Dead Original incorporates their own motto of: “#Make … Continue reading Dead Original New Single/Video “Bought and Sold”

“I Thought That I Loved You” Abby K’s Power Ballad

Abby K sets the tone in her power ballad“I Thought That I Loved You” and tells a story that makes a heart hurt. Through her vocals, she rises in embracing the soul, the heart, the love, and the hurt from beginning to end. As her voice rings through, listeners can feel and share the soars of emotion intertwining with the lyrics, melody, and rhythm. Once again with “I … Continue reading “I Thought That I Loved You” Abby K’s Power Ballad

Evandale Brings Us “Little Sista”

OMAHA, NE. – Out of the heartland, comes Evandale’s next rocking single/video: “Little Sista”. The hard-driving guitar work and three-part harmonizing vocals speed your ears down the dirt roads of the grittiest, wickedest backdoor rock. A taste of what you need and an injection of what you demand. “Little Sista” is the next single being released with TLG ENTERTAINMENT and distributed via INgrooves. Evandale continues to produce lust-filled ‘get-your-rocks-off’ music. This … Continue reading Evandale Brings Us “Little Sista”

Feudale New Single “It’s Alright”

FEUDALE is back with their new hit single, “It’s Alright!”“It’s Alright” is the follow up single to their latest track “Teenager” and this new single is sure to pump up fans far and wide! With its electrifying riff, fierce drums and sing out loud chorus it will have you shouting at the top of your lungs “HEY-NA-HEY-NA”! You’ll be rocking out and jumping around to its ferocious, melodic beats all … Continue reading Feudale New Single “It’s Alright”

Cavo New Single/Video “Muscle Memory”

St. Louis, MO. – Cavo is back with their hard rock sound found in their single/video “Muscle Memory”. Fans have been anxiously awaiting for Cavo’s latest track. For over a year, Cavo has been self-releasing songs like “Wreck Me,” “What Does It Feel Like,” and “Without You.” “Wolves” (the last song released prior to “Muscle Memory”) landed on St. Louis rock mainstay 105.7 The Point rotation. … Continue reading Cavo New Single/Video “Muscle Memory”

Gabriel and the Apocalypse Remix – “Systematic Chaos”

MINNESOTA – INDUSTRIAL ROCK BAND GABRIEL and the APOCALYPSE Release their salacious remix of “Systematic Chaos” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. A dialogue of sex, drugs and rock n roll breathe within the framework of war as the symbiotic motion sends itself betwixt the song/remix/video. A full encapsulating blend. This is the “re-breather’s” mix work by Rick Stitch Thomas of (Mushroomhead/Ventana) and it is succinctly delicious. “Systematic Chaos” leaves your head swimming and your … Continue reading Gabriel and the Apocalypse Remix – “Systematic Chaos”