Bringing Hard Rock: The Dev Release “Shameless Life”

Ryan – “To me, this song presents two important things in someone’s life: passion & purpose. Everyone dreams and searches for each (passion/purpose) and those lucky enough to find them sometimes don’t realize how hard you have to fight for them. But as presented in this song: if you believe, work hard, and continue to pursue your dreams, you can achieve them.”  STREAM/DOWNLOAD – Continue reading Bringing Hard Rock: The Dev Release “Shameless Life”

Dead Original Release “Blasted”

CHICAGO, IL – DEAD ORIGINAL Release their next single/video “Blasted” from the forthcoming album ‘Bought and Sold’ with TLG Entertainment and INgrooves. “Blasted” follows the previous releases “Bought and Sold”, “Let It Burn”, and “Restrained” from the up and coming album due February 26th of this year. Each single builds upon itself and “Blasted” continues to lay down the stepping stones as Dead Original rounds out the corners … Continue reading Dead Original Release “Blasted”

EMPIIRE Debut Single “Love or Hate”

Dallas, TX – Hard Rocking band EMPIIRES releases their single “Love or Hate” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. EMPIIRES is leveling the hard rock sound across Texas and beyond the wide Texan range, knocking down the borders with their own unique brand. “Love or Hate” hits the rock riffs and hooks you across the fist-pumping Texas-size horns up into the air! A track to kick the rock n roll sky … Continue reading EMPIIRE Debut Single “Love or Hate”

Dark Avenue Release “Break Down The Walls”

DARK AVENUE is a modern, hard rock/alternative metal band hailing from the super vibrant Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas music scene. Powerful melodic vocals, tight pounding rhythms, solid thick guitar work, and ethereal electronics make a mystical combination and it’s no surprise Dark Avenue has risen as a top tier emerging artist. Launching in 2014, Dark Avenue, made quick work of getting noticed. Landing an artist development deal within … Continue reading Dark Avenue Release “Break Down The Walls”

One In The Chamber – March to Their New Single/Video “To the Gallows”

Dirty rock & roll best enjoyed cranked to eleven, One In The Chamber are taking you down “To The Gallows” on their latest single and music video.Since the release of their 2018 debut studio EP, One In The Chamber has been compared to the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Revolver, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Mötley Crüe. Now, … Continue reading One In The Chamber – March to Their New Single/Video “To the Gallows”

EverGlaze Shine with Their New Single/Video “Feels”

Houston, Texas – EverGlaze has released their latest single/video “Feels” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. Their alt-rock single “Shadows” was released early this summer in 2020. EverGlaze has created a sound that showcases the band’s diverse music abilities. It is where all their music and cultural influences converge creating their own unique mix. EverGlaze’s catalog of sounds is an experience of rock, alt rock, pop rock, reggae, Texas Rock, street, … Continue reading EverGlaze Shine with Their New Single/Video “Feels”

Awaken Bring “The Veil”

Awaken is an Alternative/Hard Rock band that brings an ‘in your face’ experience that will leave you wanting more. Bringing powerful melodies mixed with hard hitting guitar riffs and thought provoking lyrical material. Awaken is composed of Chad Griffin on vocals, Dustin Simpson on guitar, Chase “Sludge” Reagan on bass, and Jimi Wilkins on drums.The band has shared the stage with national and international acts … Continue reading Awaken Bring “The Veil”

Dead Original Releases “Let It Burn”

Chicago, IL. – A breed of hard rock that carries a heavy, stripped-down sound is what DEAD ORIGINALcontinues to produce. “Let It Burn” is their next single from their EP Bought and Sold (due out in January of 2021). Following their single releases of “Restrained”, “Bought and Sold”, and now “Let It Burn”, Dead Original continues to produce their sound working with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves, and their “D.O. Fans” are digging it.Front-man Paul … Continue reading Dead Original Releases “Let It Burn”