Swim the Current’s Project Release: “Cognitive Dissonance” Feat: Chaka Malik and George Pond

Tri-State NJ – The project Swim the Current headed up by guitarist Greg Antine has released his next single “Cognitive Dissonance”. Vocalist Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm), bassist George Pond (Disciples of Verity), and guitarist Joe Gareri (Ernie Ball, Music Man artist, Joe Gareri of Joe Gareri Project) join the head of this project, Greg Antine, this time as musician guests on Swim the Current’s current project release.A professional well-known … Continue reading Swim the Current’s Project Release: “Cognitive Dissonance” Feat: Chaka Malik and George Pond

Glostik Willy Has Your “427”

‘”427″ is the first real ‘Hippy’ track released. Coming in over 10 minutes, it’s a musical journey. This song has always been a very intense live jam so being able to work it in the studio was super fun. We weren’t restricted to making a 3-minute song so it gave us a chance to explore new musicals horizons.” – JayMoe Produced by: Jay Moe, Eric Stewart, … Continue reading Glostik Willy Has Your “427”

Review: Fire Follows “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

“Rising up with a haunting opening the piano strikes a melody that blends the harshness of numetal with a symphony of heartfelt emotion. A blend of both worlds sends this single into the tortured thoughts coming from the head. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Fire Follows sticks and stays in your mind. It sings like a sonnet and rocks like a scream. … Continue reading Review: Fire Follows “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

Mitchel Evan Releases His Highly-Anticipated Self-Titled Album

RICHMOND, VA. – MITCHEL EVAN has released his Self-titled album, Mitchel Evan.. Featuring his fourth single release from this album, “Baby Go Back To Bed” with The Label Group/INgrooves. Mitchel Evan brings his well-seasoned songwriting experiences together and links his life observances in a vibrant way that takes the listeners on a journey. Truly a master of storytelling gently tucked in between life lyrics, rock, indie, and Americana. All backed by … Continue reading Mitchel Evan Releases His Highly-Anticipated Self-Titled Album

Lovesick Radio New Video for “Nothing Left To Lose”

Vegas/Ohio – Rockers Lovesick Radio has released their new single/video “Nothing Left To Lose”. Lovesick Radio carry their own brand of dirty raw Rockin blues sound. From the moment their latest, “Nothing Left To Lose” spins you expect a vinyl crack and snap sound. The music is peeled back, and unabashedly free. “It would seem that Lovesick Radio is a meld of both its parts working/living and rocking … Continue reading Lovesick Radio New Video for “Nothing Left To Lose”

Gears Release “So What?”

GEARS RELEASE “SO WHAT?” WITH TLG ENTERTAINMENT/INgrooves “When we wrote “So What?” two years ago, it was coming from my personal view on how religion has in many ways become its own sort of animal; overriding the concept of love, compassion, family. How we’ve gone from loving one another to judging each other and even fighting them based on the religion one practices or doesn’t. Family should be the … Continue reading Gears Release “So What?”

Fire Follows Single “Glass Grenade”

FIRE FOLLOWS brings their brand of melodic hard-rock mixed with nu-metal into their latest single/video “Glass Grenade”. Fire Follows hits all corners with their sound, as each band member brings their precise nuances to create a smashingly aligned fit – a defined blend that portrays the rocking course with the driving melodies worked into the fresh nu-metal. Fire Follows latest “Glass Grenade” meets and exceeds … Continue reading Fire Follows Single “Glass Grenade”

Dead Original New Album ‘Bought and Sold’

Finally, it is here! Dead Original has been working diligently to get their album out to their fans. Releasing several singles from the album kept us all riveted and anxious for the album ‘Bought and Sold’. True the grunge feel is stated but there is something different lead vocalist Paul Wandtke and his band brings that solid sound of heavier rock with a Chicago grunge … Continue reading Dead Original New Album ‘Bought and Sold’

Awaken Releases Their Debut Album ‘Monsters & Machines’

Clarksville, TN- Hard Rock band, Awaken, release their new album Monsters & Machines with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. The band’s previous releases have been well received in the metal/hard rock industry. As well, the hard rock and metal Christian music community have taken notice of Awaken. Now, Awaken has unleashed: Monsters & Machines, and their fans are elated!  Awaken continues to define their sound and as their album proves Awaken establishes that there is … Continue reading Awaken Releases Their Debut Album ‘Monsters & Machines’

Pardon the Scars Release “Caged Inside”

Rising from the rock n roll bed of Florida Pardon the Scars shows just what a new hard rock band can produce in sound – “Caged Inside”. A fever pitch of certain hard rock sound is the delivery Pardon the Scars is showing with this release, what is to come holds much promise if this is the tip of what they can deliver. A markedly … Continue reading Pardon the Scars Release “Caged Inside”