ROZY “Drunk On Love”

HOUSTON, TEXAS – RōZY are back with their latest single/video to celebrate love, “Drunk On Love” and their youthful rock sound celebrates those memories. With a catchy sound and a bouncy beat “Drunk On Love” sends that fresh take on our days of crushing hard and having fun!

Enjoy the salute to unabashed carefree love and as RōZY continues to work closely with the MVK Music Group, the band will be bringing more music this year and next all while rocking and delivering what you need!

RōZY (pronounced row-zee) is a Texas-based rock band fueled by sisters, Molly and Zoe Flores, who along with their bandmates, Brandon Martinez and Noah Elkins, create powerful songs and exciting live shows that speak to young audiences with authenticity and grit. 

The Houston sisters picked up their instruments in January of 2011 at ages 10 and 11 years old, and even though they may have started later than some, they quickly began mastering their instruments. After 6 months of lessons, they played their first show in front of an auditorium full of people at a summer rock camp, and have never looked back.

Zoe is the lead singer-songwriter, guitarist and Molly covers the drums, percussion, and backing vocals. With the additions of Brandon Martinez on guitar and Noah Elkins on bass, the band has performed countless shows over Texas.

The band has also been blessed to share the stage with amazing acts like Buckcherry, Vixen, the Iron Maidens, Kings X, Stryper, Night Ranger, Puddle of Mudd, and many more… As the band continues to grow and experience the different challenges and events life sends them, the band looks forward to sharing their music and many adventures with their listeners!


Zoe Flores: Lead singer/Guitarist 

Molly Flores: Drummer/Backing Vocals

Brandon Martinez: Guitarist/Backing vocals

Noah Elkins: Bassist/Backing Vocals

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