Interview with Tracing Paces

First, tell us who you all are and what you play?

Will Sadler: Drummer

Mateo Maldonado: Guitarist

Jason Oquendo: Vocalist

Jesse Le: Keyboardist

Alex Booth: Bassist

How did the band come together?

Will Sadler: The foundation of the band lies with me, Jason, and Mateo for sure, as we founded the group over a year and a half ago. Playing under a different name at the time, we played small bringer shows here and there, but only really began writing and gaining momentum after several membership changes and adjustments this past year. Since then, we’ve taken so many steps that it can be hard to even recall the early days.

What is the story behind your single “No More”?

Mateo Maldonado: The composition came to me through a conscious effort in expanding my influence as a writer. At the time I began writing this track, we had the pleasure of jamming with a friend of mine, an amazing blues-inspired guitarist named Michael Aaron, which lead me to write something more up his alley than my own. It’s rare I’ll write music with such a direct intent, but that’s what makes this track different for us.

Jason Oquendo: Lyrically, this song serves as a counterpart to our debut single “Hold On”, exploring the balance between persistence and change. (Holding on vs letting go.) No More is nothing less than a wake-up call to anyone who has had enough of the way things are, and is ready to stand up for change.

Now let’s get to know a bit more about who you are:

1) How is the Texas music scene?

As a whole, Texas offers its fair share of musical talent and influence, but that accessibility to music is often confined to hotspots like Austin. Everywhere else, you need to know where to look, if you want to find the great artists of tomorrow. Especially with music like our own.

2) Do you all have a favorite place to play in Texas?

One of our favorite venues in our hometown of Houston, is Numbers Nightclub. All our shows there have been a blast. We also love playing shows in venues down in Galveston on occasion.

3) When it comes to Texas food… what would you all say they do best? BBQ, Mexican or ?

Band consensus says tex-mex all the way. 

4) What else do you like to do, aside from music?

Will Sadler: Aside from music, I enjoy travel, really anything outdoors. Hoping to get on the road with these guys as soon as possible.

Mateo Maldonado: I like to draw, watch movies, that kinda thing.

Jason Oquendo: Next to music, my second passion is watching and playing baseball/basketball.

5) Any particular band you would love to meet?

Mateo Maldonado: I think I can speak for both me and Will when I say the Red Hot Chili  Peppers. We both draw an incredible amount of influence from them as a group.

Jason Oquendo: Probably Elton John, the legend himself.

Finally, what is coming next for Tracing Paces?

Will Sadler: The next big step after this Ep is a full Texas tour. We want to get this music in front of as many people as possible and spread this project like wildfire. We think we really have something special, and cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear it.

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