“MILLER TIME”is coming…Alex Miller’s Debut Album April 29th

Alex Miller took to social media to do a special Facebook live mini concert and to announce some BIG news to his fans. After a few songs Alex FINALLY let the cat out of the bag, informing us all that his debut album will be released next month, April 29th! The title of the debut album is MILLER TIME.

Alex, who has been performing since before he was a teenager found his breakthrough in country music by way of his tome on American Idol. Luke Bryan, American Idol judge, has supported and stood behind Alex as his makes his musical journey stardom.

Since Alex Miller’s career has soared to new heights with extensive tours, performing at the legendary Ryman Auditorium, Creating his first music video. Now April is MILLER TIME as fans can already pre save the new album so they don’t miss out.

This well-paced project is helmed by award-winning songwriter and respected industry veteran Jerry Salley. It’s a party trick of an album – bold, occasionally irreverent and fun, mixed with moments of reflection and sadness – offered in Miller’s timeless and emotive voice. MILLER TIME is available for pre-order now.

The collection opens with a tale of the dead-broke and broken-hearted in “Breaking The Bank,” which is offered as a “grat track” with album pre-order. Miller then steals your breath away with the gently rolling ballad and current single, “Through With You,” deftly transitioning from heartache to acceptance to moving on in three minutes and thirty-seven seconds. Alex takes a turn to the lighter side with the hilarious Western Swing (and first single release) “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya,” and keeps the humor going with the twangy, toe-tappin’ fiddle and steel of “Girls Must Be Clumsy.” The achingly sweet, slow swinging “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee” offers a nice mood shift, but the attitude’s back with the sassy “I’m Over You, So Get Over Me.” Things gets serious with “Boys In Uniform,” a beautifully written and poignant patriotic ballad that offers an understated but powerful vocal performance. “I’m Done” is a mid-tempo story of determined walkin’ away, then the tempo moves into high gear with the amped-up, barn burning ode to the travellin’ kind that is “Freeborn Man.” The album closes with a rafter-raising rendition of Hank Williams’ Gospel song, “I’m Gonna Sing,” that finds Alex joined by the ever-amazing Oak Ridge Boys. Throughout, top-tier musicians bring their A-game. The project boasts Brent Mason on electric guitar, Mike Johnson on steel, Jason Roller on acoustic guitar and fiddle, Robb Tripp on drums, Kevin Grantt on bass and Dirk Johnson on keyboard. 

“Going into this I wanted to make an album that showcased all the different sides of me – Swing, Bluegrass, Country and Gospel,” says Alex. “MILLER TIME gives me the chance to show folks all the music I love and enjoy.”

Track Listing

1. Breaking The Bank (A. Miller / J. Salley) 

2. Through With You (A. Miller / J. Salley) 

3. Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya (B. Whyte / P. Bogart / D. S. Wilson) 

4. Girls Must Be Clumsy (A. Miller / J. Salley) 

5. Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee (J. Salley / C.A. Wilburn / K. Miller) 

6. I’m Over You, So Get Over Me (A. Miller) 

7. Boys In Uniform (J. McBride / M. Findley / D. Ruttan) 

8. I’m Done (A Miller. / J. Salley) 

9. Freeborn Man (M. Lindsay / K. Allison) 

10. I’m Gonna Sing (H. Williams) 

“I always knew making music was what I wanted,” Alex admits. “To actually be doing it is really me living the dream.” His days begin early: there are band rehearsals, interviews with outlets from around the world, songs to write, travel to gigs and performances. In between, Alex still manages to find time to curate his Weekly Wednesday Facebook Video, post on socials and, when he’s home – which is less and less often these days, he helps his Grandpa around the family cattle farm. “I do miss Lancaster sometimes,” Alex admits. “But this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that I can’t ignore. I’m lovin’ it, I’m working hard … doing my part to make ‘em all proud of me.” MILLER TIME should do just that.  Fans can keep up with Alex on his websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and TikTok

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