Texas AltHardRock Band – POST PROFIT New Album Review ‘When You Think It’s Right, It’s Always Wrong’

Post Profit
When You Think It’s Right, It’s Always Wrong
By Octavio Ramos Jr.
Formed in 2017, Post Profit plays alternative rock with hard-driving guitar riffs, leanings that tap
into facets of hardcore, and overall a keen sense of groove that gives the sound a pop-like
sensibility without ever daring to take a step in that direction. The result is an accessible sound
that nevertheless retains its alternative vibe.

Upfront are the twin guitars of Matt Jackson and Nick Hawner, who also contribute vocals. The
guitar riffs are what really makes this unit groove, with sustained riffs complemented by some
superb hooks, straightforward leads, and even some interchanges that trade variations in
rhythms and hooks. It is a solid sound, not intricate but not simple, either. The vocals soar
above the guitars, with the backing vocals giving the leads a resonant quality.

The band’s rhythm section is designed to bolster the guitars, with bassist Jordan Conley more
often than not shadowing the guitars, although sometimes he takes the center of the musical
amalgamation, filling it while the guitars take opposing ends. Drummer Zach Hicks sets down a
variety of intriguing rhythms, giving each song a different underscore that hits the chest. Hicks
does not rely on rolls and fills but rather punctuates the guitars by staying in the background,
serving as its heart but not simply its pulse.

Standout tracks for me include “Same Sad Song,” with its driving guitar rhythms and backing
percussion; “Better Off,” with this modern sensibilities and its dreamy quality (is that a
Rush/Queensryche influence on here?); the emotionally laden “I Fall Apart,” a power ballad
with a modern approach (and a closing solo that smokes the frets); and “Mistakes and
with its weird but catchy guitar and vocals that infuse some attitude into the lyrics.
Named ETX’s band of the year in 2018 and rock band of the year in 2019, Post Profit has the
chops to attract both old and new fans of the alternative rock genre, building on its foundation
and ensuring that rock and roll continues to thrive. Not relying on a wall of sound, the band
knows when to pull back and let silence work for them (listen to such moments on the title
track), a knowing wink to the musicianship behind these talented dudes.

Fans of bands like Highly Suspect, Royal Blood, and Nothing But Thieves already know about
Post Profit. Those sitting on the fence should give this one an ear.

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