Hard Rock Texas Band Post Profit New Single – “We’re All Monsters”

DALLAS, TEXAS (1/12/22) – Alt-Rock quartet POST PROFIThas released their high-powered single titled “We’re All Monsters.” Cutting their own certain path with clarity and direction Post Profit solidifies once again who and where they are – leaders kicking the shift into the world of rock. An undeniable solid deliverance. Their latest hard-hitting track, “We’re All Monsters”, is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, etc.
Watch for Post Profits’ new album, When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrongset for February 25th, 2022. Click the title link above to pre-save!

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our new single – “We’re All Monsters”. This song was written about a universal concept: that we as humans are not perfect. We make mistakes, and we hurt each other. Most of us have a closet full of skeletons, so to speak. When something bad happens to us, we often look for somewhere to place the blame. For most of us, that’s much easier than accepting our faults. This song begs one question of humanity – how can we be better people? In a world where it seems everyone is only out for themselves, sometimes it’s difficult to see where humility and civility should fit in. We want people to understand that it’s okay to accept your faults, make changes, and not let your faults define you.”– Post Profit

Sound Cloud:https://bit.ly/30ZEFQY
Purchase Link:https://bit.ly/AllMonsters

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