“Shadows” New Single Review by EverGlaze


A fun little alternative rock song “Shadows” from the Texas band EverGlaze was just recently put out through The Label Group/INgrooves. The band’s cute artwork look is cartoonish. The artwork of pandas and colours of pinks/purples/blues would have some thinking we were back in the pop-punk era. But this music isn’t pop-punk so don’t let the artwork imagery confuse your ears. This single reflects a bit of that old 80’s style of Tears for Fears as it relays a message of seeing things and appreciating them. An upbeat message pulsing out from a mellow rock tune. It’s a nice alt pop-sounding message that has a hook to play over in your head and get stuck. The lead vocalist captures the song and the drumbeat holds the passage of the song together.

Listen to “Shadows” here on YouTube EverGlaze

To stream or download EverGlaze “Shadows” click HERE 


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