EverGlaze Drummer Brandon (AkaPanda) Talks About Their Latest Release “Shadows”

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Interview with Drummer Brandon (AkaPanda) of EverGlaze.

Rachel Collins: Describe the music sound overall as it seems to vary quite a bit.

We would describe it as (as we put it to Big Nate) Steel Banjo Music…Lol but no in reality we aren’t too sure ourselves. We classify it from what we hear other people tell us and the ones we most agree with is Groove, Indie, Alternative Rock music. Or we say just Rock Music with a lot of subgenres.
RC: What is your band’s process to creating music?

Recently since the Covid lockdown, the method has leaned toward someone writing lyrics or a full out riff/verse and bringing it to the table and then the rest of the band working on it through video calls or with whoever can get together. But normally, we would most likely have started doing a little jam and heard something we liked and built of that.
RC: Talk to us about this single, “Shadows”.

So “Shadows” is self-reflective and came from a place of realizing and acknowledging that we live in a very temporal world. That being the case, we can either look at things like they won’t matter in the long run or be appreciative of what we have now and knowing that whatever we are going through, both good and bad, will come to pass and there is a comfort in knowing that we get to be a part of something beautiful even if it’s just for a moment.

image1RC: Will this single be on a coming EP or album?

Yes, it will be on our upcoming album.

RC: When creating music do you ever experience a nervousness if this song is going to be the way you envisioned it, to begin with?

Lol I would not call it nervousness but more anxiousness and a sense of
accomplishment once everything is put together and we are ready to release it. Once we are at that step, I believe not just me but the whole band is already happy knowing we did the best we could and are ready to share it with the world. Our hope is to really just help people who need to hear the music and maybe it inspires them to keep on keeping on like it inspired some of us to pick up an instrument or chase their own dream. Overall, we are pretty open to making changes as we work on a song and the nervousness is more if it reaches someone who may need to hear what it’s saying.

RC: Who all did you work with on “Shadows” and what did you learn that you may or may not apply in the future?

We worked with JKL Productions for the Lyric Video which Jason did a GREAT JOB making it and we couldn’t have asked for it to be any better.
For distribution, we went with “TLG Entertainment” who is partnered with “INGrooves” and really helped get our song in more digital streaming platforms which we are grateful for being EVERYWHERE thanks to them lol.

For PR, Allyson Jane has truly been the highlight of us even getting an introduction with TLG’s owner, Denny, and getting us into places that we wouldn’t have ever expected. Honestly from being able to talk to you guys and also the different magazines and radios we’ve been lucky enough to be on. This step up has honestly been thanks to her and we love her for it cause she really and truly cares even though we’ve never met in person and I trust her wholeheartedly. We Love You Allyson & TLG.

RC: Is finding a pace and structure outside what has been done already in the music world difficult?

I would say it isn’t because we don’t really worry about it.

RC: Will we be seeing another music single/video soon?

Most definitely we already have another song in the works and are excited to be
releasing it soon!

RC: Where can your fans find your music?

Spotify, Google Play, Jukeboxes at restaurants, Jukeboxes in bars, Pandora, Amazon
Music, ITunes, Deezer, Napster, SoundCloud, etc….. Pretty much everywhere.

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