Gabriel and the Apocalypse Remix – “Systematic Chaos”

MINNESOTA – INDUSTRIAL ROCK BAND GABRIEL and the APOCALYPSE Release their salacious remix of “Systematic Chaos” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. A dialogue of sex, drugs and rock n roll breathe within the framework of war as the symbiotic motion sends itself betwixt the song/remix/video. A full encapsulating blend. This is the “re-breather’s” mix work by Rick Stitch Thomas of (Mushroomhead/Ventana) and it is succinctly delicious. “Systematic Chaos” leaves your head swimming and your body grinding as you play it again and again. Gabriel and the Apocalypse are the breed of color that bends the measures time and again. This remix is a clarity marker of GATA and today’s headlines – “Systematic Chaos” favors the intrinsic lines drawn around us world-wide.

“We’ve always wanted to do a remix project but never got around to it until now. We asked Stitch if he would like to remix a song and he chose to do “Systematic Chaos”, the opening track on our Alpha Bionic full-length release from last year. We were very pleased with the result and hope you will like it as well!” – Jake LaCore


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