The Caleb Daugherty Band’s New Single, “Where Does A Hobo Go,” Looks Back On A Lost Way Of Life

The Caleb Daugherty Band’s new single, “Where Does A Hobo Go,” looks back on a lost way of life, with a lyrically deceptive and poignant reflection on simpler times. 

The track features bright banjo, striking fiddle and Caleb’s signature baritone voice. As hypnotic as the ringing of the rails, this song is Bluegrass-to-the-bone. Written by Jessie Baker, this classicbarnburner should put The Caleb Daugherty Band at the front and center of the genre. “Where Does A Hobo Go” is the second single from their upcoming album for KDM Records and was produced by the band.

“It’s a cool song with a great feel,” notes Caleb. “On one hand it’s just about a hobo – about ridin’ the rails. That’s been kinda romanticized, but back in the day, folks did that ‘cause they didn’t have a choice. Times were hard and people hopped the trains to find work or just to put some miles behind them. But if you look deeper, the lyrics could really be describing the loss of a whole way of life. Things were a lot simpler back then. Life might be better now but it’s sure more complicated.” 

It’s hard to hop a train When there ain’t none on the tracks Although I hate to say it Looks like they’re never coming back I’ve tried to thumb the highway But most folks don’t even slowI sure would like to leave hereBut I ain’t got nowhere to go 


So where does an old hobo goWhen the rails he used to ride have turned to rustDoes he sit around and pinefor the old days long behind Before his way of life turned to dust (Jessie Baker) 

Radio programmers can access the track from AirPlay Direct, and fans can bookmark the purchase link now.  

Currently Caleb is featured on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings’ historic project Industrial Strength Bluegrass. Released last month, ISB is a compilation album that includes some of the biggest names in the Bluegrass world and features Caleb on a duet with Grand Ole Opry member Rhonda Vincent. Together they recorded a touching performance of the much-loved “Family Reunion” that was penned by Indiana native Aubrey Holt and his long-time bandmate Harley Gabbard. 

 Upcoming Tour Dates:

APR 23 – Lexington, KY – Bluegrass Bash

MAY 30 – Panama City Beach, FL – Red, White and Q

JUN 4 – Owensville, OH – 3rd Annual WOBO Bluegrass Bash

JUN 5 – Batesville, IN – Happy Valley Bluegrass Festival

JUN 15 – North Vernon, IN – Jennings County Fair

JUL 29 – Marengo, OH -Musicians Against Childhood Cancer Festival (MACC)

JUL 30 – Marshall, MI – Marshall Bluegrass Festival

JUL 31 – Marshall, MI – Marshall Bluegrass Festival

AUG 3 – Parsons, WV – Pickin’ in Parsons Bluegrass Festival

AUG 7 – Richmond, MN -MN Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Assoc. Fall Jam

AUG 28 – Mansfield, OH – Mansfield JamFest

SEP 5 – Piketon, OH – SamJam Bluegrass Festival

SEP 11 – Wagoner, OK – Bluegrass & Chili Festival  

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