Anaria Releases Their Acoustic Version of “Leaving You Behind”

New England, USA – From Anaria’s ‘Sessions’ series, symphonic metal band Anaria releases their stripped-down acoustic version of “Leaving You Behind”. Anaria’s power ordinarily finds itself exploding into their full orchestral delivery but there are times when the band likes to take their full sound and peel back all the layers. This allows the band to offer their listeners a taste of Anaria music from the heart of uncomplicated truth. A pure and simple truth. “Leaving You Behind” is such a clear vision presented to really hear everything Anaria brings.

“Leaving You Behind” is available viaThe Label Group/INgrooves.

‘”Leaving You Behind” was the second single released off our 2020 album. Lyrically, the song speaks to the feelings of regret in remembrance of a past lover. We wanted to strip this song down to just two acoustic guitars, some keyboard strings, and Jess’s unprocessed voice. What is left is a very raw and genuine sound that helps us to engage with the listener on a more intimate level. The video was filmed at our old rehearsal space in Manchester, NH.”‘ – Anaria
“Anaria has always loved doing acoustic versions of our music. Our studio work tends to be dense and jam-packed with all manner of orchestration. We like to occasionally strip away all the bells and whistles to the melody and chords. This allows us to really focus on portraying the heart of the piece and hone in on the lyrical content, too. The result is an intimate experience between us and our audience and we love being able to offer that experience in addition to a thoroughly produced work.” – Jessica Jackson Salvucci

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