Owls & Aliens Soar with “You Can’t Save Everyone”

A triumph song, a super cool band. Owls & Aliens have just landed on the scene and they have already taken hold of listeners of metal/rock/nu metalcore everywhere. This is what music is supposed to sound and feel like. The balance between clean and unclean vocals is delivered in a most simpatico way. “You Can’t Save Everyone” is really long overdue. “Mercy” was their first release and it created such a buzz. This is a band that is going places. We have put them on our “One to watch list!”

“You see such beauty, potential, and value in a person and they don’t see it in themselves. A situation where you’ve drained yourself attempting to lift someone up who isn’t yet willing to try. A breaking point to let them sink or swim. You’ve done all you can. So try not to beat yourself up about it.” – Dustin Carter (clean/unclean vocals)

“YOU CAN’T SAVE EVERYONE” – The strength found in a band determined to succeed can be found in the situations and times they might find themselves facing. Owls & Aliens new single “You Can’t Save Everyone” hits the mark on all points. As the day approached to film the music video for this single a life-altering event pulled the band even closer together and in the realm of musicianship brotherhood you sense this combination is not only in their music but also in this video.

“This song hits us heavy in our hearts as we shot this music video the day after our drummer’s mom was diagnosed with advanced Stage IV cancer and on that actual day she had emergency surgery to save her life. We almost didn’t shoot the video, but mom was adamant that we do it while we had the opportunity. Shortly thereafter, Dustin’s father was also diagnosed with cancer. This song is dedicated to both of them and everyone else battling cancer and goes out to anyone that understands the hopeless feeling of not being able to save someone you love.” – Owls & Aliens

“You Can’t Save Everyone” is Owls & Aliens follow-up single to their last single “Mercy” released last year.

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