GEARS Release Their New Single/Video “Wasteland”

Regarding how “Wasteland” came together, “It just hit,” Trip Sixx stated. “It came together really quickly, and we clicked with Dawson on all fronts.”
With Dawson behind the board, they completed their 2021 single “Wasteland”. On the track, airy electronics give way to head-nodding drums and chugging guitars. In addition, Trip’s soulful cadence twists and turns through the beats before culminating in the catchy chorus, “Save me, locked in a cage, and I can’t get out.” brought the single full circle. Trip continued, “It’s about being trapped in a mindset you don’t see any way out of,” the frontman states.
“It encompasses a lot of things,” drummer Jimmy Wooten elaborates. “It’s easy to become trapped in continuous circles in life where you’re doing the same things over and over again. As a band, you have to reach outside of the box, work with someone new, try something different, and change the sound. Following the Pandemic, it’s like a rebirth for GEARS in a weird way, so we decided to push the envelope.”
They won’t stop pushing the envelope either. For as much as Gears urge rock to evolve, they also elicit a classic reaction.
“When you leave a concert, we want you to feel like it was worth it,” Trip leaves off. “We want you to bop, jump, yell, scream, and do it all. We try to give listeners this gratification.”
“We hit you with as many emotions as possible,” agrees Jimmy. “Maybe a song will affect you and connect on a deeper level—or you’ll be able to simply bounce to it. This is meant to spark a physical and emotional reaction.”

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