Getting Real – Rob Volkoff of Life Renewed Shares His Story In Hopes of Helping Others

Bob Browning: It has been a while since your last release. What have you been up to? Rob Volkoff – I work 3 jobs between 60-80 hrs a week and just bought my first house but musically, I became part of a new Female Fronted Metalcore project called Aseity as a songwriter, producer, and manager.

Bob Browning: This new single how did the decision come about to tell your story through music?

Rob Volkoff – I have always had the intention to share a message & deep meaning in my music so when it came to writing, recording this song – it became transparent that I should share my experience based on the conversations and working on this song with the guest features. With the current rising issues with suicide, among other struggles – I felt it was time to share this real event to help highlight the reality and need to take action to help others who are struggling.

Bob Browning: Was this a hard decision to make? Sharing something so personal? 

Rob Volkoff – It was very hard to commit and follow through sharing myself to the world with this song and I am still struggling with releasing it being that it really “reopened wounds”.

Bob Browning: Along the way of writing “Vision:Revision” did you find it healing for you as well? Or how did it feel emotionally?

Rob Volkoff – it was gratifying to share my story and hearing how this song relates but also is impacting the way I hoped for has been part of the healing I needed but it’s been very emotional for me to share not only just the content and message but the songwriting, music style and being I self-record, mix and master Life Renewed music – I have had many years of being criticized for my efforts in music.

Bob Browning: Some truly nu-metal sound comes forth from this single. Why did you bring in Robert and Jarrett to work with you on this project?

Rob Volkoff – I wanted Jarrett because he has been a big brother and influence for me and since I filled in for his band, Eyes of Eli in the past – I knew him personally, he has seen my struggles first hand and I felt that he had the right heart to share a message I was not ready to share. Robert was a conscious decision by his unique writing ability and dynamic range I knew him sharing the extreme mindset of depression and suicidal thoughts would come with a very transparent and dynamic approach that would catch the listener’s attention. The back and forth aspect with Robert playing out the person wanting to end his life and Jarrett’s clean vocals as a calm in the storm and a sign of hope in the song really shows the contrast from a dark mindset to finding hope in that dark mindset and also how this song, musically, lyrically and vocally – tell a story.

Bob Browning: The video, or as you have called it “Short Movie” what was going on in your mind as you were recreating it would seem that day you were ready to walk away from life?

Rob Volkoff – This event was relived with the SAME person who was there, Josiah Sargent and I lived through this and the video process started in 2019 at a point in my life where I was in a dark place, the scenes of Josiah driving over and me struggling that was in a grey shading are the old video shots and the color video shots were shot this year. Having a contrast of how dark or grey life seems in the struggle and also highlighting that people struggle with memories, aftermath, or PTSD from those events – even when they are not in that same place anymore was a lot to address but very necessary.

The point was addressing the struggle of numbing pain through cutting, pills, drinking but struggling to the point of contemplating suicide (as I did) & how real these struggles are. It’s so easy just mention mental health and how we need to do something about it, with the fact these issues are hard to see and fathom – having a video display the reality of these struggles from my life’s experience I felt was the most genuine and authentic display of mental health – combining with the fact people do struggle with the past, the memories, aftermath and with current life struggles, even with accomplishing more and overcoming those attempts – that these struggles affect in any area of life and to address these struggles is important. Life can trigger back those issues like being overworked, anxiety, PTSD, Depression, loneliness, stress, etc.

Bob Browning: What is it you are ultimately hoping will come from sharing your story Rob with others?
Rob Volkoff – To be kind to others and understand that everyone is going through something, we can ease each other’s pain just by being kind, showing compassion and how mental health IS a real issue and suicide is not the answer. Self-medicating or self-harm is not the way – love will overcome and if it wasn’t for people like Josiah that love me – I wouldn’t be here – Everyone has a purpose, reason and is important. Valuing each other can make a difference.

Rob Browning: How can your listeners become more involved with helping others, and what would you like to see done?

Rob Volkoff – reach out to the people in your life you feel need encouragement and care, be kind to others. Don’t take your life or anyone else’s life for granted. IF you want to contribute to others helping the fight to help others overcome mental health issues. Anything that will promote awareness and love.


Special thanks to those who may have influenced or worked with –

Jaiden Frost, Rubella Frost, Josiah Sargent, Monica Soe, Chris Bowman, Shawn Delong, CJ Almarode, Jaylene Lugo, Alexandria Taylor, Allyson Jayne, Adam Ramey, Bassy B Book, Jeff Menig, Nick West

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