84 A Tribute to Van Halen Rocked The Shed!!!

84 A Tribute To Van Halen is an Awesome Van Halen Tribute Band! They Played The Famous Shed In Maryville Tennessee a couple weeks ago as part of The Sheds HOG Rally. The Shed is part of the Smoky Mountain Harley Dealership in Maryville Tennessee Owned By Scott Maddux.
This was my first time getting to see them and I’m so glad I was able to!
They Didn’t Have an opening band as it was a Tuesday night and they had lots of special things going on for the HOG Rally.
The Guys Hit The stage and didn’t stop! literally! These guys have so much energy its unreal! Playing all your favorite Van Halen songs. “Panama” “Jump” etc. All from their debut album up to 84.
The Band is headed by Jason Dozer ( portraying David Lee Roth) and did and Excellent DLR.! I have seen Van Halen alot over the years and he does a great job! Diamond Dave would be proud!
They Call themselves The Ultimate Van Halen experience and they are!
Jason has the moves down. And has The Voice. He also has added into his show his famous “Davesickle” guitar when he does the song “Ice cream man” . At one point the bass player ( whos bass was a cool big square Jack Daniels looking bass ) was sticking his bass guitar in between Jason’s legs while playing and at one point playing the bass behind/over his shoulders. also at one part in the show Jason( DLR) Picked up an electric fan on stage an held it up to Max ( EVH) face to ” Cool him Off ” . lol.
Jason( DLR) also near the end of the show comes out in a long sparkly blue coat with satin red lining. That made for another cool part of the show. He kept the whole audience Rocking from beginning to end.
Now The guy who was portraying Eddie Van Halen is named Max Frye. who is only 18 but can shred that guitar and you would swear it was a young Eddie !! Now I’ve seen Max play before ( he was 15 then) and knew he was really good but he even blew me away this time. He is definitely the perfect person to portray Eddie Van Halen he has the looks and playing ability. He was Jumping in the air just like Eddie would do. Wearing The famous Eddie Red outfit.
Now we cant forget the guy portraying Alex Van Halen. Man he has so much energy. ! He was back stage gearing up for the show running around the room and playing those drum sticks in the air. He Rocked those drums too and wore a black n white prisoner suit at one point. He also came running out to the front of the stage “ Air Drumming” near the end of the show. Truly an Awesome show from beginning to end.
If these guys come your way be sure and go see them you will for sure have an excellent time! Check them out at http://www.84vhtribute.com Angela Richardson- Newman Music Matters Magazine

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