Ventruss Releases A Dark Single “Serpent”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Ventruss releases their metal single/video “Serpent” (10/29) with MVK Music Group. A hefty helping of sharp-cutting guitar work slithers its melodic waves and tells a story. With the engagement of video work, lyrical content, and incredible instrumental positioning, every part of “Serpent” begs to confirm – Ventruss is a modern metal rock band to follow. “Serpent” builds and delivers a complete statement.

A true piece of metal that weaves itself through the power of the vocals, the urgency of the guitar work, the backbone of the drums. A skeletal construction of Ventruss embraces the core of their sound. Every single release solidifies their approach to who they are. It would seem that metal is still alive and well and Ventress is proving it is in full domination.” – Roger Smith MM

Previously released songs from their up-and-coming album in 2022, “Sentiment”, and “Talledega”, have been well received in the metal/hard rock world. With their final single/video release “Serpent” from their upcoming EP titled ‘Serpent’ their listeners are having their metal needs well taken care of. Be sure to watch for Ventruss’s new EP in 2022!

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