Wyld Ryde Returns To Rock Knoxville Tennessee

Wyld Ryde – Their Name Fits The Band Perfect. They are an All original Hard Rock/ heavy metal band. They Are The Hardest Working band I know. Coming from Louisville Kentucky they made it out of the rough neighborhoods. They Blend Classic 80s Rock sound with heavy modern rock. Their Live Shows are Amazing! Great Energy. These Guys give it 110 percent every show. You will definitely be hooked once you see them live. Their self titled debut CD “City Streets” kicked things off and from there they keep going up . They have been getting alot of global attention too. They now have fans all over the world in just a short amount of time.
Their newest CD is titled “ Gasoline Alley” that came out end of 2021. One of my favorite songs from that cd is the self titled song “ Gasoline Alley” and let me tell ya its a Rocker!. The Video is very well done and is Amazing be sure to check it out too!
Two other favorites of mine on the CD are “ Alone” and “ Six Gun Shooter” But I do Love The Whole Cd just as much if not more than their first. You can see how they have grown as a band. They are a very fun band to see live.
Recently They made their way back to Knoxville Tennessee To Play The Open Chord All Things Music Venue. It had been two years since their last visit to Knoxville. They played April 30th 2022. Due to a freak accident last year amazingly on that very same date (4/30/2021) where a large lighting fixture fell from an outside show and injured two band members. They used the time off wisely and wrote and
recorded “ Gasoline Alley” . Glad to see the guys back in Knoxville and back healthy. Nothing is gonna keep these guys down for long! There were three other bands on the bill that night and Wyld Ryde was the headliner.
They Came to Rock and Rock they did! Giving it their all . Wyld Ryde is Headed By Chief on Vocals . Hes an Amazing front man playing the guitar and doing vocals . he even came out on to the dance floor once at the end of the evening to Rock out on a guitar solo. Mick Watkins on bass is all over the place slinging his hair as he Rocks out and making those cool bass faces. Tommy Blitz on Guitar is a wild man Rocking out reminiscent of Angus Young ( Ac/Dc). and last but certainly not least is Kidd Vicious. his name suits him. He slings those arms and twirls the sticks. He beats those drums like a wild man.
Be sure to check these Guys out if they come your way! THEY ROCK!
Ya Cant Miss their Big Bus if it comes your way!
Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

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