Metal Tour of the Year: Megadeath, Lamb of God, Trivium & In Flames EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & REVIEW

This past week, Metal Tour of The Year made a stop in Portland, Maine, for a night of melt-your-face-off hard rock. Having never seen these before, I wasn’t sure of their stage shows, but their music brings an intensity of excitement that I knew would be on full display all night long. Hours before the doors were to open, hundreds of die-hard fans were lined up down the side of the arena.

IN FLAMES took the stage to warm up the crowd for what was booked to be a night of metal rock heaven. Having been around since 1990 from Sweden, they were ready to get the crowd started. Fans were cheering and yelling at the top of their lungs; the band kicked into “Behind Space ”, a well-known hit of theirs. As the band plays song after song, the crowd is ready to explode.

 TRIVIUM hits the stage, and with them, they bring their guitars, drumsticks, bass, and heart and soul to pour out before the fans. The crowd looked on in amazement as the band started with ‘In The Court Of The Dragon “. These guys killed it and showed that they enjoyed their time on stage together. Matt starts to go into the second song, but he stops and takes a moment to address the wild and rowdy mosh pit down the front, telling them, “Have fun but be safe.” Watching a band so in tune with their fan base is remarkable. Before finishing with “In Waves,” Matt introduces the band; as he does, he tells everyone that Corey  Beaulieu is from Maine, igniting the fans even more. So far, I’m blown away by what I have seen, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The curtain drops with the Lamb of God Logo on it. Flames and explosions, the crowd goes nuts at the same time playing ‘Walk with Me in Hell” Randal Blythe was on fire running and jumping around on stage with his dreads flying around and not missing a beat to each song as now it’s Lamb of God giving the fans what they want most. A giant mosh pit forms going around and around like a giant wagon wheel; this is the most enormous mosh pit I have ever seen before.  Performing songs like “Ruin,” “Ghost Walking,” and other classics that sored Lamb of God to stardom. The crowd is just beyond themself. Being in the photo pit for three songs was an experience as I dodged fan after fan crowd surfing to the front of the stage to the waiting arms of security for safety. This went on for the band’s whole set. The band goes into their last song, “Redneck,” and the fans still want more This band has brought their A-game.

 The legend of Metal has arrived, Megadeath! This is who the fans have all come to see. Young and old have come from far and wide to glimpse Megadeath live and in person. The SOLD-OUT crowd is sent the arena into a deafening surreal atmosphere for anticipation of Dave taking the stage. Dave struts out on stage. The group goes INSANE chanting MEGA-A -DEATH, MEGA-A-DEATH. This place erupts as Dave hits the first note on his guitar to ” Hangover 18 ”  Watching Dave hit every note to every song was like watching a wizard work his magic. Being backed up by one of the world’s greatest guitarists Kiko Laureio. As the band plays on, behind them is a fantastic light show with a giant screen showing The Bright word Megadeath. Having fought through the battle of throat cancer Dave’s vocals sound amazing.

Having formed the band in 1983, this band has stood the test of time and has led the way for the bands who performed earlier in the night. Towards the middle of the show, lights go out on stage, and all that’s left is Dave with a spotlight on him. He thanks the fans for their support, giving a rawness that fans took to heart. Megadeath concludes the night with ” Holy Wars,” as fans stood the entire set just to get a look at the legend himself live in the moment of a lasting memory.

From beginning to end, the show was one that each fan will remember forever. An experience – that’s what fans desire when they buy a ticket to see the band that has been a part of their lives through the good and the bad, and this tour delivered that to the fullest.



Lamb of God


Photos and review by: Michael Cox of Music Matters Magazine

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