Alan Jackson’s ‘LAST CALL’ one more for the road 2022 Lexington Ky Sept 9th

Alan Jackson is BACK out on the road on his LAST CALL one more for the road tour and he is rolling into Lexington Kentucky this Friday for what fans can anticipate a legendary performance (as always). Alan, now 63, has been consistent with touring, just as he has with releasing new music. This tour is not planned to be his last, but certainly gives an impression his live performances are starting slow down. One would think it’s particularly due to his Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT for short).

“I’ve been reluctant to talk about this publicly and to my fans, but I have this neuropathy – a neurological disease that’s genetic that I inherited from my daddy,” Jackson shares. “There’s no cure for it, but it’s been affecting me for years. And it’s getting more and more obvious.” 

Jackson has been living with CMT since first being diagnosed a decade ago. It causes abnormalities in the nerves that supply the feet, legs, hands, and arms…affecting motor and sensory nerves. Though relatively rare, the disorder is inherited – Jackson recalls his father and grandmother having it; his oldest sister has it, too. CMT is progressive; there is no known cure.

Alan Jackson released his “Where Have You Gone” album last year and we can hope to hear a few hits off the album be performed in the legendary Rupp Arena Friday night. Alan, no stranger to hits, has accumulated accolades such as 26 number one hits, 16 CMA awards, 17 ACM awards, numerous others along with being a member of The Grand Ole Opry.

Alan Jackson at Louisville’s KFC YUM CENTER 2019

Limited tickets are available so get yours before they sell out!

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